42-53468         B25


A B-25C, # 42-53468, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed Kurmitela, India, on a bombing mission to Maymyo, Burma, at about 0615 hours on 25 September 1943, with a crew comprised of:

                                          Pilot                                         F/O William S Sherry              T-186462

                                          Co-Pilot                                   2ndLt John F. Sullivan             0-735690

                                          Bombardier/Navigator            2ndLt Charles W. Robinson     0-733466

                                          Engineer                                  SSgt Charles F Haggerty          11027414

                                          Radio-Operator                       SSgt Frank A Bonner               13079890

It was last seen by 1stLt Paul D. Green, # 0-664569, and 2ndLt Gaylord M Edvenson, # 0-732526. 1stLt Green reported that “F/O Sherry, flying number two position in a two-aircraft formation, was on my right wind, as we entered the clouds at about 5,000 feet, 170 MPH [leaving the base in India]. There was little air turbulence. F/O Sherry did not rejoin the flight.” Edvenson confirmed this information. The next-of-kin listed were:

                                          Sherry              Mrs Sherry, 7#3 Fourth St, Augusta, GA

                                          Sullivan           Mrs Helen Sullivan, mother, 1464 Washington St, Hodgdon, Massachusetts

                                          Robinson         Mr. Charles D. Robinson, father, 165 Lincoln Ave, Pomona, CA

                                          Haggerty          Mrs Mary Haggerty, mother, 1854 Main St, Massachusetts

                                          Banner             Mrs Margaret Banner, mother, [Illegible], Pennsylvania