GALLOVICH, ELMER, Sergeant, # 36007824, U.S. Army


Elmer Gallovich (Gallovitz/Gallovitch) was born in 1918 in Pennsylvania to Dezeder (Dezidor – Degij) Daniel Gallovich (1884-1948) (Aubrahan, Hungary/Austria – immigrated 1902 - naturalized) and Susanna (Yex) Gallovich (1892-1978) (Hungary/Austria – immigrated 1906 - naturalized. Siblings included Susanna Gallovich (20 March 1908-    ) (PA), Lillian Gallovich (1913-    ) (PA), Daniel Dezeder Gallovich (1915-1999) (PA), Norman Edward Gallovich (1919-1930) (PA), and Lorraine Gallovich (1921-    ) (PA). In 1943, his family resided at 744 W. 81st St., Chicago, IL. He graduated from Calumet High School, Chicago, Illinois. Although he was buried with the other remains, running his name in did not reveal in what plane crash he died. Help would be appreciated to clarify this.



He enlisted in the USAAF in Chicago, Illinois, on 6 March 1941. He was killed in action in a C-47 crash in Burma in 1944. Research has not identified which C-47 he was aboard. On 28 October 1943, he was on leave in Freemantle, Western Australia, Australia, and arrived on the “Nellore” from Bombay, India. After recovery, the remains of the veterans of two of the C-47 crashes (Baumann, Downey, Feldman, Fitzpatrick, Homschek, Gallovich, Israel, Larson, Meehan, Meyer, Morgan, Morris, Proctor, Riley, & Seymour) were indistinguishable and were buried in a group burial cemetery in one casket in the Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois, on 8 June 1950 (Sec. E, Grave 407) .


His brother, Daniel D. Gallovitch, born 31 January 1915, served in the U.S. Army from 22 January 1942 to 7 September 1945. He died 1 August 1999