A 1933 directory for Washington, D.C., shows a Colonel Henry Gibbins and wife, Grace, living at 3901 Connecticut Avenue SouthWest, Apartment 108, and Henry Gibbins, Jr., lived with them, a student. The 1938 directory shows: Major General Henry Gibbins, wife, Grace, Quartermaster General, U.S. Army, 2139 Wyoming Avenue NorthWest, Apartment 11. The 1920 census shows the family in Fort Keough Military Reservation, Custer, Montana; Lieutenant Colonel Henry Gibbins, age 42 (born TN) (Quartermaster Corps), Grace, age 39 (born KS), Margaret, age 8 (born TN) and Henry Jr., age 6 (born KS). On 22 September 1925, the family traveled on the U.S. Army Transport Somme from New York to San Francisco; included were wife of Lt.Col. Gibbins, Grace, age not stated; Margaret, age14, and Henry Jr., age 11. On 18 June 1930, Henry Gibbins Jr. and family left Honolulu, Hawaii, 12 June 1930, on the U.S.A.T. Cambral, and arrived in San Francisco, California, on 18 June 1930. The family was comprised of: Stella S. McGonigle, age 61, DOB 2 March 1869, Leavenworth, Kansas; Grace (McGonigle) Gibbins, age 47, DOB 10 August 1882, Leavenworth, Kansas; Margaret Gibbins, age 19, DOB 1 February 1911, Knoxville, Tennessee; Henry Gibbins Jr, age 16, DOB 19 October 1913, Leavenworth, Kansas. Grandmother McGonigle’s destination was Leavenworth, Kansas, and the destination of the Gibbins was Washington, D.C. A 1930 Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii, yearbook, shows Henry Gibbins Jr. in the sophomore class. A 1934 manifest for the S.S. Lunline, departed San Francisco on 6 December 1934 and arrived in Honolulu on 12 December 1934 – passenger Henry Gibbins Jr., age 20.


He enlisted in Washington, D.C. He was assigned to Quartermaster Corps, Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), Detachment 101 (India-Burma). On 18 January 1944, a C-47A transport departed Dinjan air field, India, on a food dropping mission in Burma. Private Montoya was aboard to help drop supplies. It was assigned to the Second Troop Carrier Squadron. It was last seen at 1150 hours that day. It was reported as a battle casualty, shot down by enemy fighters. He was awarded an Air Medal and Purple Heart. His remains were recovered by a Graves Registration team and returned for burial. His remains were buried 7 January 1949 in Arlington National Cemetery, E-134, C. Line.


His father, Major General Henry Gibbins, born 20 May 1877, served in the U.S. Army, Quartermaster Corps. He began as a 2nd Lieutenant, 10th Cavalry, and served in Cuba. He was a 2nd Lieutenant assigned to Cottabato, Philippine Islands. He was a Captain, 7th Cavalry Regiment, in the 1916 Punitive Expedition in Mexico. He was Commander, Keogh Quartermaster Corps, from 1922 to 1925. He served as Army War College, Executive Officer, Washington, D.C. He was Commander, Quartermaster, Hawaii, from 1930-1934. He was a Colonel, Quartermaster Corps, Executive Officer to Quartermaster General. On 1 April 1936, he was the 30th Quartermaster General and retired a Major General in 1940. He died 8 April 1941 and is buried, with his wife, in the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia (Sec. 2, E-134). (Biographical information by John Griffith).