42-41164         B24 (MACR 14353)


On 3 May 1945, a B-24D Liberator, # 42-41164, assigned to Air Transport Command, 1327th AAF Base Unit, departed the airfield at Tezpur, India, on a cargo mission to Luliang, China, through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump). Last contact with it was by radio at about 2056 hours IST with the Tezpur ATC. The crewmen were:


                                                Pilot                             1stLt Bennett F. Love              0-675088

                                                Co-Pilot                       1stLt John J. Johannson           0-740204

                                                Radio Operator            PFC Richard E. Vasko            12145155

                                                Engineer                      PFC Ellsworth M. Spaulding   35498725


On 9 May 1945, the 1327th Base Unit informed Headquarters that on 7 May 1945 a pilot from the airfield at Jorhat, India, spotted the wreckage of the missing aircraft. It crashed at 2200 hours IT and the wreckage was located at 26º 26’ North and 94º 45’ East. Villagers turned over to authorities at Jorhat a record card which belonged to PFC Spaulding and a boot with a foot inside. A ground party was to leave on 10 May 1945 for the crash site. On 1 June 1945, the 1327th Base Unit said that a message dated 29 May 1945 from Search and Rescue was that the ground party got to the wreckage and there was no possibility of survivors. The aircraft exploded on impact and little remained. There was no next-of-kin list in the MACR folder.