BONNER, FRANK A , JR., Staff Sergeant, # 13079890, USAAF


Frank A. Bonner, Jr., was born in 1919 in Pennsylvania to Frank A. Bonner (1894-    ) and Margaret C. (Flavin) Bonner (1900-1963). His father was an enlisted man in the U.S. Army. Both parents are of Irish heritage. The oldest, he had several siblings, including, Margaret M. Bonner (1923-    ), Edward Bonner (1924-    ), Lawrence A. Bonner (1925-    ), Patricia Ann Bonner (1926-    ) and Jeanne R. Bonner (1928-    ), the last born in Maryland.


His father was born 29 April 1894 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and registered for the WW I draft 5 June 1917. He enlisted 3 January 1917 at 29 years and 1 month age, reached rank of Sergeant and was honorably discharged 27 September 1918 to accept a commission.


Frank A. Bonner Jr. enlisted 27 May 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Trained as an engineer and mechanic for the B-25C and a gunner, he was sent overseas. He was the engineer and gunner on B-25C, # 53468, assigned to the 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed Kurmitela, India, on a bombing mission to Maymyo, Burma, at about 0615 hours on 25 September 1943. F/O Sherry, flying number two position in a two-aircraft formation, was on my right wind, as we entered the clouds at about 5,000 feet, 170 MPH [leaving the base in India]. There was little air turbulence. F/O Sherry did not rejoin the flight, according to the crew of the other bomber. He and his crew are buried in a group grave in Fort Scott National Cemetery, Fort Scott, Kansas, on 23 January 1950, after their remains were recovered by a Graves Registration team.