This continues the letter from the Santa Ana Regional Hospital:

2ndLt Theodore F. Young Jr.: The Japanese took the body away   Died from burns suffered

at what I believed was Micktila (sic), in an airplane crash, Burma, manner of burial unknown.

SSgt Robert P Tucker and SSgt Sidney Kurtz; Presumed to have died in a crash on Nov. 14, 1943.

They were never seen after the plane crash.

2. As I was kept in solitary confinement by the Japanese at the time the members of my crew died in the Rangoon, Burma POW Camp, I did not witness their deaths or burials. All information I now have was later given to me by other prisoners. Almost all prisoners were buried in a cemetery located in Rangoon; its exact location is unknown by me. Second Lieutenants George H. Wilson, A.S.N. 0-431825, and Walter E. Cotton, A.S.N. 0-661921, may be able to furnish additional information on the deaths of American prisoners at the Rangoon POW Camp, as they were two of the earliest Americans captured by the Japanese and interned at Rangoon, Burma, and they quite often handled the burial of American prisoners.

3. The other member of my crew, Staff Sergeant Francis M. Daly, survived along with me, and has now been returned to duty.   (signed)   Wesley Werner, Major, Air Corps, 0-399595."

The following handwritten letter, dated October 10th, 1945, was witnessed by N.W. Reed, Major, Air Corps, Chief, Notification Section, Personal Affairs Branch, Personal Services Division: "Dear Sir, Here is the list you requested on the deaths and burials of the officers and enlisted members of my crew, as of Nov. 14, 1943. More information can be given on these men by Lt.Col. Gilbert, commanding American officer in the Rangoon Prison Camp, Major Warner, our Pilot, and their Chief Casualty Branch (munition bldg., Washington D.C.) who, I am to believe has a map of the burial places of all the deceased men except Lt. Young, SSgts' Kurtz, and Tucker. This list is in order of their deaths:

SSgt S. Kurtz and SSgt R. Tucker were killed in the plane crash approximately 60 miles south of Mandalay, Burma, on November 14, 1943.

2ndLt Young died of burns on the 15 Nov. 1943 and was buried by the Japanese at Myitikyla (sic).

2ndLt T. P. Hogan died of burns on or about the 20 Nov. 1943 in the prison camp at Rangoon, was buried by the prisoners in the Rangoon cemetery.

SSgt Thomas E. Hopes died on the 22 Nov. 1943 of burns in the prison camp and buried by the prisoners.

SSgt Francis B. Jordan died of burns on or about 30 Nov. 1943, buried by the prisoners.

TSgt Urvan Aubuchon - I do not know the date of his death. He was also buried by the prisoners. Died of burns.

1stLt John C Kelley died on or about Dec. 15, 1943 of burns, was also buried by the prisoners.

Major W. Warner, who kept a record, can give you more exact dates on the deaths of these men.

(signed by) TSgt Francis M. Daly Jr., 16108393, 1232 Collingwood Ave., Detroit, Michigan"