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Information from statement of investigation officer Lt. McDowell at the Rangoon airport:

Lt. Gilbert/Sgt Tite: Gave him passenger lit and plane contents (a jeep was offloaded). 8308 had exceedingly rough trip from Bangkok on the 16 May 1946. Lt. Power had stated that if he encountered rough weather enroute to Barrackpore he would head "northeast." Expressed opinion that Lt. Power had obtained some RAF weather, probably by phone.

L.A.C. Baylis: On duty in flying control was positive that Lt. Power did not come to his office on morning of 17 May, admits that Lt. Powers " was cleared off without a formal clearance."

W/O Nowallis: Navigation and Briefing Officer on duty AM of 17 May says that "Lt. Powers asked for locations of gas truck but did not ask for briefing."

F/Lt. Dale: RAF Weather Officer "I do not recollect that Lt. Powers came in.He did not get a formal weather report."

Conclusions [in part]:

8308 had full gas tanks. 15 other ships flew between Calcutta and Rangoon on the 17th May 1946. Lt. Powers intended to go "North East" if necessary to avoid storms. Lt. Powers' well known dislike for water makes it unlikely that he flew over the Bay of Bengal. Lt. Powers did not get formal briefing weather or a written clearance at Mingaladon before departing. The two C-47 pilots departing Mingaladon at about same time as Lt. Powers have been interviewed.

Many aircraft wrecks were sighted during search (all excluded). One report stated that Chittagong is heavily populated and, if 0838 has crashed in the area, a tribe or village would have seen it. All land areas searched to no avail.


As one with experience as a pilot and air traffic controller, web site owner can say that it would not have been unusual for an experienced transport pilot (especially one who flew over "the Hump") to try to avoid water over-flight. However, once in IFR conditions, it would be very hard to know when one was over the water unless at least brief VFR (visual flight) occurred.  Walter Dutton.

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