CBI World War II MIA and KIA in Crash of C-47B # 43-48308 17 May 1946

List of the MIA/KIA on the C-47B

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The following list is derived from the U.S. Army air crash investigation report, a copy of which is available as a .pdf file.

2ndLt Joseph Rich contact:
Lisa Phillips
2ndLt G. Gambale contact:
Gene Gambale
Sgt N. Albinson contact:
Chris Wilgus
1stLt Kelley contact
James Rone
TSgt U. Aubuchon contact:
Capt. Corley contact:
Wayne Corley
1stLt Donald C. Dutton contact:
Linda Steindler nee Dutton (daughter)
or Walter Dutton (nephew)
Capt. Wayne R. Westberg - contact:
Andy Highfill at andyhighfill@hotmail.com
TSgt Edward Bodell - Contact
Barry Bodell at bodellbj@aol.com
Lt Charles B. Liston - Contact
Merle Bever at beverzone@mchsi.com
Lt. Burdette Baker - Contact
Jean Brate at bratemj@infoblvd.net
Lt Horace J. Gabbart - Contact
Neva Erbacher at nevaerbacher@hotmail.com
Sgt Malcolm W. Carter - Contact
Sarah Sherman at ssherman@nnei.net
SSgt Thomas E. Hopes - Contact
Karen Sink - karenlann@woh.rr.com

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Aircrew of C-47B, tail no. 43-8308:
1stLt Horace J. Gabbart, SR# 0-769790
1stLt Melvin L. Power, SR#0-933431
PFC Eugene H. Ryan, SR# 17134187
1stLt Donald C. Dutton SR# 0-1118713 (Graves Registration)
Lt.Cmdr James T. Campbell SR# 205425 (USNR)
1stLt Henry Chan SR# 0-877552
Capt. Roy W. Corley SR# 0-1587766
SSgt Glenn F. Cox, Jr. SR# 36961684
Tech-5 Wallace J. Davis SR# 33551295
1stLt Henry E. Derbyshire SR# 0-1116766 (Graves Registration)
Tech-4 Warren R. Hines SR# 42083730
Remains aboard (identities verified):
Albinson, Norman E., Sgt. 13176804
Aubuchon, Urvan A., TSgt. 37183004
Bodell, Edward R., TSgt. 11031740
Briggs, Everett E., Jr., 2ndLt. 0-669189
Brown, J., Sgt., No serial number given
Cummings, Harold B., Sgt. 6970825
Gambale, Gene, F/O  T-121948
Gonsalves, Elias E., Sgt. 6570123
Grey, James M., 1stLt. 0-665192
Hopes, Thomas E., SSgt. 35305336
Jordan, Francis B., SSgt. 19064268
Kavanagh, Robert L., 1stLt. 0-435791
Kelley, John C. 1stLt. 0-726034
Malok, Albert L., SSgt. 6942456
Murphy, G.R. (AVG) No rank or SR# *
Pittard, Charles A., TSgt. 39251123
Plummer, Everett C., Lt.Col. 0-300865
Rodriguez, Frank (NMI), SSgt., 6578491
Sheets, Jack R., SSgt. 13067183
Westberg, Wayne R., Capt. 0-732792
Yackie, Juluis F., Cpl. 17072536
* AVG = American Volunteer Group (The
Flying Tigers, China)
Remains identified but not verified:
Almand, Paul E., 1stLt. 0-494774
Angell, Robert F., 1stLt. 0-407635
Baker, Burdette H., 2ndLt. 0-1698884
Boldman, Arnel, Jr., 1stLt. 0-416094
Drummey, Robert D., 1stLt. 0-815670
Gilhousen, William R., Capt., 0-667062
Goodrich, Burdett C., 1stLt. 0-750504
Hogan, Thomas P. Jr., 2ndLt. 0-673571
Liston, Charles B., 1stLt., 0-529445
Ortmeyer, Armin J., Jr., Capt. 0-659326
Rich, Joseph C., 2ndLt., 0-739054
Plus 5 other American dead - unidentified.
These five men may be from the aircraft,
Bugs Bunny (uncertain if Bugs Bunny I or II),
Tail No. 42-73222 and that crew is:
Pilot: 2ndLt Carl F. Carpenter (KIA)
Copilot: 2ndLt William R. McCandles (KIA)
Navigator: 1stLt Grant W. Erwin (POW)
Bombadier: 2ndLt Clarence H. Clyborne (POW
SSgt Robert McCarty (KIA)
SSgt William C. Fetterman (KIA)
Eugene L. Moyers (KIA)
Sgt Alfred L. Busby (KIA)
Sgt Paul L. Elyea (KIA)
Sgt Malcolm W. Carter

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