CBI World War II MIA and KIA in Crash of C-47B # 43-48308 17 May 1946

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Many over the years have contributed efforts to the cause of locating and recovering the men lost in the crash of the C-47B in Burma.
Lisa Phillips, who has cooridnated these efforts for years, would like to personally thank everyone that has been involved in this research over the past four years.   That would include but not limited to(because there are so many individuals involved):
Sentaor Susan Collins, Rep., Maine
Glenn Roberts - 308th,373rd
Arnold Spielberg - Communications, CBI Theatre, WWII
Grant Erwin, Navigator of Bugs Bunny, 42-73222, 10th AF, WWII CBI Theatre
Joe Saloom, weatherman from May 17, 1946
Karnig Thomasion, EX-POW, Rangoon Prison Camp
OCH members
Joe Waldron, Guide
308th bomb group members
Dave Santoro, meteorologist, Channel 13 news, Portland, Maine
Mary Hollinger, NOAA for providing the weather
Christopher McDermott, Historian/Researcher, JPAC
Dr. William Belcher, Anthropologist/Archaeologist, JPAC
Capt. Paul D. Madrid, Chief WWII Section, RFAD
Andrew Jones, RAF
Bruce Fenstermaker
Mike Carew, 1304th AAFBU
Neva Erbacher, niece of Horace J. Gabbart, Pilot of 8308
Gene Gambale, son of Lt. Gene Gambale
Lisa Phillips, niece of 2nd Lt. Rich
Walter Dutton, nephew of 1stLt Donald C. Dutton
Christine Wilgus, niece of Norman Albinson
Patricia Gaffney Kindig, AWON
Dr. Mark Russell, DPMO
David Berry, Researcher, Pathfinder web page
7th Bomb Group Administrator
Larry D. Webster, Aircraft Expert
Ted Darcy, Research/WWII lost aircraft
John Fish, American Underwater Search and Survey
AFHSO research Division
WWII Memorial Customer Service Division
Martin Mickelson, Researcher
Maxwell Air Force Base
Raymond Bear, USN
Mr. Arshad, Press Minister for Embassy of Bangladesh
Lt.Col. Brian Hedrick, Defense & Arm Attache to Bangladesh Embassy
And many, many more individuals that I have not forgotten nor should I ever forget for their undying dedication to this project.   To all of you we will be forever grateful.

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