CBI World War II MIA and KIA in Crash of C-47B # 43-48308 17 May 1946

Petition for Funds for Recovery of American War Dead

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Spear headed by Lisa Phillips, many of our members and, soon, other organizations, are advocating that all of those interested in increasing the funds available through Congress for the recovery of World War II American remains sign the available petition and, if at all possible, print the petition in multiple copies and collect signatures. You should contact Lisa when you have a signed petition and arrange to forward them to her for presentation to the appropriate members of the U.S. Senate and Congress.
This is an effort brought about when it was discovered that the funds available for search and recovery efforts are severely lacking. The only way to demonstrate to our political representatives that we want ALL American dead returned home to their families is to present signatures in the greatest number possible. It is up to each individual to elect the extent to which he or she wishes to extend oneself to gain signatures. We suggest the workplace, neighbors, family, friends, and, of course, going to the effort of, whenever possible and lawful, appearing in a public place to gain signatures (just as we see many other resolutions presented for signatures). Please be sure to check with your local municipality to ensure you do this lawfully if you elect to work this hard.
Don't rely on others to do it! Many of us know that it falls upon each of us to make the effort.
This is the petition we recommend you use: 

To the Members of the Congress of the United States

We, the undersigned, are the sons, daughters, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews, families and friends of courageous men who gave their lives for freedom in World War II.  There are approximately 78,000 men who remain missing from that war. Now, more than sixty years later, we need your support to help bring them home.

Specifically, we are requesting increased funding vital to the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) enabling them to continue the research and recovery of those who were declared missing in action during World War II. At present, JPAC is faced with a one million dollar budget for recovery and research of World War II cases. This limits them to five recoveries a year while they estimate that 35,000 of the missing could be recovered. In order for JPAC to research the whereabouts of these men and to conduct the recovery process, more funding is needed.

Increased funding would affect the following:

         Further research into MIA cases from World War II

         Procurement of equipment needed to go into remote areas

         State of the art equipment needed in the recovery process

         State of the art laboratory equipment needed in the identification process

         Facilitating transportation to remote areas

         Access to side scan sonar and diving equipment for underwater recoveries

Members of Congress, as surviving family members, we have watched as our mothers and grandmothers suffered and passed away waiting for their sons and husbands to come home.

Our government has a covenant with the men it sends to war; that they will not be left behind. We request your support for legislative action as a priority in the Congressional agenda. Please help us bring our war dead home.  They are not forgotten!

In their memory,

Name:                                                                          Contact Information


Name of missing serviceman:                                          Relationship

Return to:          Senator Susan M. Collins

461 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

                        FAX: 202-224-2693


[Follow the above with lines for names and addresses]

This effort may result in much needed funding for the recovery of the remains of those we honor, as well as thousands of other American war dead who are scattered around the globe, otherwise possibly destined to never come home.

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