CBI World War II MIA and KIA in Crash of C-47B # 43-48308 17 May 1946

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C-47B Skytrain

Welcome to the web site honoring the men who, alive and deceased, were lost aboard 10th Air Force C-47B, tail No. 43-48308, which crashed on 17 May 1946 after leaving Rangoon, Burma.

This site is for the use of the descendants, relatives, and friends of those lost and others interested in the recovery of the remains of men lost in aircraft crashes during World War II in the China-Burma-India Theatre of Operations.

The men lost aboard the C-47B left behind loved ones, including wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moithers and fathers, nieces and nephews, cousins, and friends. Men lost, whose remains were never returned, are the sources of mystery in family histories; mysteries often unsolved. Our organization is working with entities within the U.S. government to send a recovery team to modern Burma, locate the crash site, and work to recover the remains of our loved ones. We have the support of and are reaching out to other members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.
As recently as February-March, 2010,it is believed that the crash site may have been found. Some aircraft parts provided serial numbers which are reported to have been verified as coming from our C-47B. Nearby villagers had used aircraft parts to erect a marker for the site. However, during a flood the marker was washed away. Limitations have been placed on JPAC's ability to investigate or recover by the government of India. Lisa Phillips, President of WWRM, has spoken with DPMO and JPAC about the possibilities of a recovery and investigation. Maine Senator Susan Collins has also been on board working on our behalf, thanks to Lisa, from early on. The investigation and recovery will be difficult because the location is apparently in a hostile environment. More will be posted when known.

Please get in touch to offer assistance or join our group. Contact webmaster to provide announcements.


A WW II 10th AF C-47.

We invite inquiries about how you can support our efforts to recover the remains of the men lost in the C-47B crash. We invite family and friends of the men lost to join our group and enjoy the company of energetic people joined in this singular cause.

Questions - Contact webmaster wdutton@miac47burmawwii.org