Pittard, Charles A., TSgt, 39251123, died 8 June 1944, grave 182

Plummer, Everett C., Lt.Col., 0-300865, on USAAF list, unknown date of death

Rodriguez, Frank (NMI), SSgt, 6578491, died 27 August 1944, grave 204

Sheets, Jack R., SSgt, 13067183, died 19 November 1944, grave 218

Westberg, Wayne R., SSgt, Capt., 0-732792, died 22 November 1944, grave 205

Yackie, Julius F., Cpl., 17072536, died 18 August 1944, grave 204

The identity of the above remains had been verified through means governed by the regulations used by Graves Registration.

The following thirteen rremains were yet unidentified:

Almand, Paul E., 1st.Lt., 0-494774, died 27 March 1945

Angell, Robert F., 1st.Lt., 0-4079635, died 15 February 1944

Baker, Burdette H., 2nd.Lt., 0-1698884, died 19 November 1944

Boldman, Arnil J., Jr., 1st.Lt., 0-416094, died 11 July 1944

Drummy, Robert D., 1st.Lt., 0-815670, died 11 January 1945

Gilhousen, William R., Capt., 0-667062, died 16 July 1944

Goodrich, Burdett C., 1st.Lt., 0-750504, died 27 Feb 1945

Hogan, Thomas P., Jr., 2nd.Lt., 0-673571, died 20 November 1943

Listen, Charles B., 1st.Lt., 0-529445, died 5 April 1944

Ortmeyer, Armin J., Capt., 0-659326, died 13 January 1945

Rich, Joseph C., 2nd.Lt., 0-739054, died 13 September 1944

Wright, Bill, Capt., 0-725565, died 31 March 1944

Zizlavsky, Joseph F, 0-664863, died 15 July 1944

Five additional remains aboard were yet unidentified. Those five men were believed to be from the aircraft (bomber) "Bugs Bunny" (Tail # 42-73222). All of the crewmen included:

Pilot:  2nd.Lt. Carl F. Carpenter (KIA)

Copilot: 2nd.Lt. William R. McCandless (KIA)

Navigator: 1st.Lt. Grant W. Erwin (POW), returned home

Bombadier: 2nd.Lt. Clarence H. Clyborne (POW - deceased)

SSgt Robert McCarty (KIA)

SSgt William C. Fetterman (KIA)

Eugene L. Moyers (KIA)

Sgt Alfred L. Busby (KIA)

Sgt Paul L. Elyea (KIA)

Sgt Malcolm W. Carter (POW)

Additional passengers included: U.S. Navy Lt.Cmdr. James T. Campbell, assigned U.S. Navy Liaison Office, Rangoon, Burma (Intelligence) and 1st.Lt. Harry Chan, Army Air Communications.