GREENSPAHN, LEON A., Corporal, # 36376177, USAAF


Leon A. Greenspahn was born on 11 August 1921 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, to William Greenspahn (1885-1940) (Poland) and Ida (Drevno) Greenspahn (1885-1949) (Poland) (married 1907). Siblings were Esther Greenspahn (1907-    ) (IL) and Sander Greenspahn (1912-1988). He was recorded as a missing Jewish serviceman.


He enlisted in the USAAF in Chicago, Illinois, on 24 September 1942. He was trained to maintain and operate the radio equipment on the C-87 Express Liberator. He earned his crewman wings. He was sent overseas to India. On 26 November 1943 a C-87 (B-24 cargo transport varian), # 41-11800, assigned to 10th Air Force, Eastern Sector, Station 4, departed the airfield at Kunming, China, on a flight through the Himalayan mountain range to Jorhat, India. It crashed in China and two crewmen survived. At about 2100 IST the C-87 lost two engines and could not maintain altitude. Capt. Mast ordered the crew to don parachutes. 2ndLt Marshall jumped before Sgt Cerephino. Capt. Mast and Cpl. Greenspan did not make it out before the crash and were killed. After recovery, the remains of Capt. Mast and Cpl. Greenspahn were buried together (indistinguishable) in the Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Lincoln Co., Nebraska, on 9 November 1949 (Sec. R. Grave 4).


His brother, Sander Greenspahn, born 27 September 1912, served in the U.S. Army from 1 December 1943 to 20 December 1944. He died 14 January 1988 in Chicago, Illinois.