BRYCE, WILLIE LEE, First Lieutenant, # 0-124300, USAAF


Willie L Bryce was born 6 May 1921  to Willie Bayne “Bill” Bryce (1890-1967) and Jodie M Bryce (1890-    ). His father was a Constable (peace officer) in Crockett, Texas.


He enlisted 27 September 1941 in Houston, Texas, with three years of college and earned his commission and wings at Mather Field, California. He was assigned to the 22nd Transport Group, 78th Transport Squadron, and was co-pilot of the C-46A when it was lost over the Himalayas. Assigned to the 22nd Transport Group, 78th Transport Squadron, C-46A, # 41-12298, departed Tezpur, India on a mission to Kunming Air Base, China. It was expected to be flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) over the Hump because of inclimate weather. It left on 1 July 1943 between 0735 and 1130 hours. Lloyd Marlaire, Flight Officer, made a report regarding the sortie of a C-46A, 41-12295, on the same route at the same time. Flying at 17,500 feet, on instruments, the weather was so poor that at times they could not see the wingtips. At that time, he was 120º from Chabua, India, and about 40 miles out of Chabua. There was a momentary period of exceedingly rough turbulence, not unusual on that route. They landed in Kunming, China. After landing, he noticed that the right wing-tip was damaged and there was a dent on the right top side of the fuselage. The right wing-tip deicer boot O.D. paint on it and the dent indicated that a vertical object struck the plane. It was hypothesized that there had been an accidental collision between the aircraft; by 2ndLt Robert C. Burt, Assistant Operations Officer. No search was possible due to the weather and necessary altitude. In a letter dated 20 August 1945, it was noted the aircraft had been missing for over two years without a trace – Capt. Owen L. Sutherland. He is remembered on the wall of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. The family placed a memorial marker in the Crockett Cemetery (Evergreen Memorial Park), Crockett, Texas. He was awarded the Air Medal.

REAMER, JACK MILLER, First Lieutenant, # 0-434573, USAAF


Jack M. Reamer was born 4 October 1914 in Greensburg, PA, to Frank George Reamer (1887-1975) and Ruth (Miller) Reamer (1889-1977) in Pennsylvania. He had at least two siblings, Katharine S. Reamer (1912-2008) and Ruth Reamer (1919-1919). His father was a merchant and the family lived at 711 Highland Ave., Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

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