He enlisted 17 August 1942, beginning active service on 31 August 1942 and completed training 31 December 1942 then was sent overseas. He was assigned to the Quartermaster Corps and served in the India-Burma area from 31 December 1942 through his death. In a 19 August 1943 news article in the Pittsburgh Press, his “flying grocery store” was discussed. They deliver supplies to Allied troops in remote jungle regions and have accumulated over 300 hours in the air. They have delivered everything from coffins and garden seeds to fresh eggs and blood plasma. Durable good are pushed from the planes at levels within 30 feet of the ground. Our outfit can deliver as much as 125 tons a day. Occasionally, they crash in the jungle. The packages contain medicine, sea rations, candy, fruit juices[, fuel] and cigarettes. Corporal Morgan is a graduate of St. Henry’s School. He had been employed at the Homestead Mill of the Carnegie-Illinois Steel Co. He was awarded a distinguished Flying Cross for delivering supplied to Allied troops in the Naga Hills of Northern Burma.


On 18 January 1944, a C-47A troop carrier, 41-19476, assigned to the 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, departed Dinjan, India, on a food packet drop mission to Burma. It was last contacted by radio. It was shot down by enemy fighters in Burma. All aboard were killed in action. Graves Registration recovered mixed remains of the named servicemen and returned the remains to the U.S. for burial. On 8 June 1950, a single casket group burial of several remains is at Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois, Section E, Site 407.


His brother, William P. Morgan, born 1 October 1922, enlisted in the USAAF 16 January 1943 with two years of college. He lived at 312 Semple Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He entered active service 24 January 1943 (service # 33420873) and completed training through 2 April 1944. He was overseas from 3 April 1944 through 26 September 1944 and was returned to the U.S., where he served until 6 October 1945. He was honorably discharged 6 October 1945 at Lowry Field, Colorado. He married Mary Margaret Mills (1918-2006). A son, William P. Morgan Jr., survived him. He died 13 February 1980 and was buried in the Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.