42-53417         B25


A B-25C, assigned to the 341st Bombardment Group, the 22nd Bombardment Squadron, # 42-53417, departed the Kurmitola Air Base at Chakulia, India, at 1430 hours on 3 August 1943, on a bombing mission to Maiktila, Burma. There were cumulus clouds at 4-6,000 feet, with 7/10ths coverage and poor visibility. The circumstances of the loss of the bomber and its crew were unknown. It was last seen over the target making its low altitude bombing run. The crew was comprised of:

                                             Pilot                             1stLt Charles W. McCook                    0-419963

                                             Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Nathaniel L. Hightower             0-794544

                                             Navigator                    1stLt Henry J. Carlin                            0-789451

                                             Engineer-Gunner         Corporal John E. Leisure                     1901314

                                             Radio-Op-Gunner       TSgt John W. Boyd                              17029715

                                             Armorer-Gunner          Sgt Sidney (NMI) Burke                      150#4960

The pilot, co-pilot, navigator, and armorer-gunner were noted to have been killed in action. A witness was Flight Officer G.J. Groll, T-120136. Next of kin were listed as:

                                  McCook           Mr. Jesse J. McCook, father, S.V. Station, Georgetown, Texas

                                  Carlin               Mr. Frank J. Carlin, father, 264 West [Unk] Ave, Philadelphia, PA

                                  Hightower       Mrs. Mina Hightower, mother, 369-5th St., NE, Atlanta, GA

                                  Boyd                Mr. Albert P Boyd, father, 322 9th St, Mayfield, Kentucky

                                  Burke               Mrs. Fannie Slack or Black, mother, 1644 Coldwell, Pittsburgh, PA

                                  Leisure             Mrs. Gladys Faye Leisure, mother, 221 South Hutchison Ave, Compton, CA