Mr Woods                   Mrs Harold C Woods, wife, 2450 Stoner Ave, West Los Angeles, CA

MSgt Baldi                   Mrs Kathryn Mary Baldi, wife, North St, Litchfield, Conn.

TSgt Ray                      Mrs Willie Jones, mother, Rte # 1, Princeton, KY

SSgt Watts                   Mrs Audrey D Watts, wife, 310 N. Vine Ave, Ontario, CA

SSgt Richard G Brenner           Mrs Christine Brenner, mother, Olsons Park, IL

SSgt Willie R Litton     Mrs Ona A Litton, mother, Box 52, Gladwater, TX

SSgt Frank C Troy       Mr Martin Hennesay, friend, 197-16 58th Ave Flusing, Long Island, NY

SSgt Edward B Wheatley         Mrs Eleanor M Wheatley, wf, 26 E Parkway, Searsdale, NY

Sgt Arthur A Bischoff  Mrs Ella Schumacher, sister, RR # 1, Davis Junction, IL

Sgt Warren H Butler    Mr David G Butler, brother, 4422 Board Ave, South, Minneapolis, Minn

Sgt Ursillo                    Mr Jon Ursillo, father, 202 Progress Ave, Providence, Rhode Island

Sgt Pennisi                   Mrs Jennie Pennisi, mother, 1222 Wheeler Ave, Bronx, NY

Sgt Norwood               Mrs Kara? W Norwood, mother, 529 N Spruce St, Winston-Salem, NC

Cpl O’Brien                 Mrs Helen H O’Brien, wife, 301 Hugo St, San Francisco, CA

PFC Rush                    Mr Robertson J Rush, father, 3415 Avenue K, Brooklyn, NY

ROSSER, FRANK J., Captain, # 0-501889, USAAF


Frank J. Rosser was born in 1912 in Arizona to Edward Rosser (1880-1923) and Ida (Sinclair) Rosser (1888-1949). Siblings included Bertha Rosser (1908-    ), Shirley Rosser (1917-    ) and Edward Joseph Rosser (1920-1997). His father was a musician born in Pennsylvania. His mother was born in Michigan.


The 1940 census for Phoenix, Arizona, lists Mrs. Ida Rosser as widowed, living at 842 No. 13th Ave., Phoenix. Frank J. Rosser, Coleman Air Services, Coleman, TX, married Eleanor L. Banks on 26 September 1941 in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. C. Arlin Heydon officiated. He had worked for the State Game and Fish Commission and was associated with the General Petroleum Corp., California. He was a civilian instructor at Sky Harbor in 1941, and instructed flying cadets at Canyon, TX and in 1942 trained for duty with Pan American Airlines. Edward Rosser’s will was probated 31 October 1927.


He entered the USAAF with a direct commission as a First Lieutenant and was promoted to Captain in May 1943. On 25 January 1944, a B-24D, # 41-23889 (converted to ferry passengers and cargo), Captain Rosser as pilot, departed Chabua, India, at 7:40 a.m., to fly to Kunming, China. At 10:45 a.m., over the Himalayas, the formation of five B-24Ds “was forced to break up due to extreme instrument weather conditions.” All five aircraft crashed. B-24D, # 41-23889, near Jorhat, India. Crews parachuted from two and a third, which crashed, had two survivors. The fourth and fifth, “Hot as Hell” and “Haley’s Comet,” disappeared, the crews presumed dead (Tara Copp, Stars & Stripes, 8 Apr 2016). The B-24D flown by Captain Rosser was last contacted by radio at about 1200 hours.