41-23889         B24


On 25 January 1944, a B-24D, # 41-23889 (converted to ferry passengers and cargo),  departed Kunming, China, to fly through the Himalayas (the Hump) to Barrackpore, India, and ultimately the air base at Chabua, India. The weather was severe and the aircraft was lost, last contacted by radio at about 1200 hours.  The crew and passenger list was comprised of:


Pilot                             Capt. F. J. Rosser                                             0-501889

Co-Pilot                       1stLt J.D. Clark                                               0-714529

Engineer                      TSgt Frank Evans                                            37217215

Radio Operator            Sgt Fred D. Helm                                            15082505

Passenger                     Lt.Col. Alonzo R. Minor                                  0-260585

“                                  Tech Harold C Woods                                    

“                                  North American Representative Roe

“                                  MSgt Baldi

“                                  TSgt Patrick E. Ray                                         6668622

“                                  SSgt James J. Watts                                          34087582

“                                  SSgt Richard G Brenner                                   36397781

“                                  SSgt Willie R Litton                                         18097753

“                                  SSgt Frank C Troy                                           32501405*

“                                  SSgt Edward B Wheatley                                 32404714

“                                  Sgt Arthur A Bischoff                                      36327553

“                                  Sgt Warren H Butler                                        37317477

“                                  Sgt Alfred (NMI) Ursillo                                  11070647

“                                  Sgt Sebastian J Pennisi                                     32341639

“                                  Sgt Evan W Norwood Jr                                  34451777

“                                  Sgt Willie (NMI) O’Brien                                39119980

“                                  Cpl Elmer E Zobb                                           33278451

“                                  PFC Frank J Rush                                            32398591


4 crew – 18 passengers - *Passengers 8 through list end were assigned to the 396th Service Squadron.

Next-of-kin were listed as:


Capt. Rosser                Mrs Eleanor B Rosser, wife, 1306 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ

1stLt Clark                   Mrs Mea Thomas Clark, mother, 6525 Wuerpal St, New Orleans, LA

TSgt Evans                  Mrs Bernadine B Evans, wife, 725 E 8th St, Pittsburg, KS

Sgt Helm                     Mrs Penny B Helm, mother, 3322 Southwest Ave, Miami Beach, FL

LtCol Minor                 Mrs Olive Minor, wife, 209 E Hancock, Milledgeville, GA