The personal courage and zealous devotion to duty displayed by Second Lieutenant McHenry on this occasion, at the cost of his life, have upheld the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Army Air Forces."  He was also awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart Medal.


The remains of those who were lost in the crash were recovered by Graves Registration and returned to the U.S. for burial. The science of the time did not allow the team to distinguish which remains were whose and McHenry, Zipperian and Raubitschek were buried on 19 July 1949 in a single casket group burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

ZIPPERIAN, ARTHUR WALTER, Second Lieutenant, # 0-746505, USAAF


Arthur W. Zipperian was born 14 March 1917 in Great Falls, Montana, to Christoph Zipperian (1876-1952) and Sabina A. (Moigg) Zipperian (1878-1965). On 31 October 1941, he married Carol Leone (Doherty) Spelius nee Zipperian. The 1930 census for Great Falls, MT, shows siblings – Otto David Zipperian (1903-2003), William Carl Zipperian (1905-1919), George Leonard Zipperian (1906-1976), John Henry Zipperian (1908-2001), Herbert F Zipperian (1909-2002), Helen Agnes (Zipperian) Hyre (1910-1998), Albert C Zipperian (1911-1980), Richard Felix Zipperian (1912-1977), Edmund Zipperian (1914-1978), David Robert Zipperian (1918-1995). Carol was an especially intelligent and creative person, as revealed in this from the biography:


After Art's death, Carol moved to California to attain her teaching certificate in physical education. While in California, she was a member of the Aquacade that preformed in the 1939 San Francisco World Fair. Carol met "Bill" William Joseph Spelius in a folk dance class at the University of California Berkeley campus early in 1947. They attended graduation together in the stadium as onlookers, both too cheap to spend the money for cap and gown rental. After graduation, they said goodbye and went their separate ways. He proposed to Carol by mail from Wisconsin, and she accepted by mail from Montana. They were married Oct. 18, 1947, at Carol's sister's home in Maryland, a place called Dunroamin'.

Carol was an avid reader and writer, who wrote and published the adventures and stories of her family. Carol once wrote how she appreciated the inspiration, encouragement and support from her family for her "strange and consuming habit of writing." She always appreciated how her family never faltered in furnishing her with raw material for the various articles and books she proudly published and for which she received awards.