Co-pilot 1stLt William C. Schrader said: His target was a foundry in Rangoon. Their altitude was 21,000 feet. They left formation about 15 minutes after dropping bombs. The ship exploded and blew him and the pilot (Lt. Goad) out. One waist gunner, the bombardier and the navigator bailed out. The aircraft hit the ground near a village named Paetanau, Burma. SSgt Marshall, SSgt Chiarello and Sgt Peters were in the tail section. The bomb bay door to the tail blew open and the flames from the burning bomb bay gas tank were sucked out through the waist windows. SSgt Sawyer managed to bail out. The other three were trapped in the tail and di not get out. I saw pieces of their clothing two days later and they were undoubtedly burned badly, as there were bits of flesh still on them. The tail section of the ship hit the ground with the tail turret down and there was a large dent in the side of the ship where they had all been thrown together. There was a large amount of blood where the bodies had been. The Burmese said they removed the three bodies and buried them. They found one more, either Witte or Austin, but he was unable to find out where and the Japanese would not let them show him what they took from the bodies.” 1stLt Schrader later added: The Burmese told us two days later after the crash that they buried 4 bodies. They never heard if the fifth was found. The next-of-kin listed were:

                               1stLt Goad -                Mrs Helen K Goad, wife, 1549 6th St, Portsmouth, OH

                               2ndLt Schrader            Mr William Thurman Schrader, father, Jefferson, OH

                               2ndLt King                  Mrs Albert   King, wife, 409 East Anapa a St, Santa Barbara, CA

                               2ndLt Gebert               Mrs Helen N Gebert, wife, 701 Southwest Eleventh St, Fort Lauderdale, FL

                               TSgt Witte                   Mrs Tona F Witte, mother, 1017 S. 28th Ave, Yakian, WA

                               SSgt Sawyer                Mrs Irene P Sawyer, wife, 527 ½ Division St, La Crosse, Wisc.

                               SSgt Marshall              Mrs Catherine Marshall, mother, 6207 Ogontz Ave, Philadelphia, PA

                               Sgt Peters                    Mrs Lois Ann Peters, mother, 223 No. Asheret Ave, Albuquerque, NM

                               SSgt Chiarello             Mrs Elizabeth   Krouse, mother, 99 ½ Blackroot Ave, Bridgeport, Conn.

                               TSgt Austin                 Mrs Hazel B Austin, RFD, Box 158, Springfield, Vermont

GOAD, HAROLD WALTER, Captain, # 0-659694, USAAF


Harold W. Goad was born 10 March 1916 in Ohio to Harry Benjamin Goad (1891-1966) and Nellie A. (Snedeker) Goad (1890-1933). The oldest son, he had several siblings, including Mary L. (Goad) Trippett nee Bartee (1920-2004), Clarence Albert Goad (1923-2006), Elizabeth Jane “Betty” (Goad) Twining (1925-2004) and Donald Raymond Goad (1928-1993). He married Helen E. Zukars (1921-1999). They had a son, Stephen E. Goad (1948-1972), who unfortunately died in a head-on auto collision. Harold W. Goad died 30 August 1964 in Florida.


The 1940 census for Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio, shows Harry B. Goad, a shoe-stitcher, married with the above children but, to Ivy Blanche (Shoemaker) Goad nee Smith, age 37 (1902-1974), and children include Dorothy Jean (Goad) Hartley (1930-1999) and Oscar Joseph Smith, step-son (1923- 2001). On 27 April 1942, his father registered for the WW II draft as Harry Benjamin Goad, 1320 Twelfth Street, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio; age 49, DOB 18 Nov 1892, Portsmouth, OH; spouse, Iva Goad, and described himself as 6’, 160 lbs, brown hair and eyes.