SCHRADER, WILLIAM CLIFTON, First Lieutenant, # 0-681482, USAAF


He was born 5 August 1918 in West Virginia to William T. Schrader (1892-1951) and Ada E. (Clifton) Schrader (1899-     ). His son, William C. Schrader gave information for his death certificate. His father worked for the Ashtabula, Ohio, Highway Department in 1942. He enlisted 17 September 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio, residing in Tuscarawas, Ohio. On 14 October 1943, at 1245 hours, the B-24D, # 41-24220, upon which he was co-pilot, assigned to the 7th Bomb Group, 493rd Bomb Squadron, departed Pandaveswar, India, on a bombing mission to Rangoon, Burma. Weather was reported as scattered cumulus clouds at 12,000 feet, 40% coverage, slight haze, good weather. It was shot down by enemy aircraft and was said to have gone down “blazing.” The enemy attacked and the bomb bay was hit and a fire erupted. The aircraft separated in the middle and disintegrated.Five crew perished and five survived in the POW prison at the Rangoon Cantonment (former British prison), Burma. He was liberated 11 May 1945 from the Rangoon POW Cantonment (former British prison). He died 2 October 1987 and is buried in the Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso, Texas.