HANLON, JOHN WILFORD, Corporal, # 38269554, USAAF


John W. Hanlon was born 12 September 1922 in Ellis Co., Oklahoma, to Thomas Patrick Hanlon (1882-1960) (NE) and Gertrude Mary (Meunier) Hanlon (1892-1971) (KS) (married 13 May 1914, Tangier, Woodward Co., OK). Siblings included Francis Thomas Hanlon (1915-1986), Cathryn M. (Hanlon) Brown (1917-2016), Patrick Joseph Hanlon (1919-1991), Edward Donald Hanlon (1925-2008), Christine G. (Hanlon) Kay (1927-1971), Thomas Patrick Hanlon Jr. (1930-2012), James M. Hanlon (1934-    ), and Clara Jane (Hanlon) Alexander (1936-2016).


He enlisted in the USAAF in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on 21 September 1942. After enlisting in the USAAF, he was trained to maintain the mechanical systems (crew chief/engineer) of the C-46. He earned his commission and pilot wings. He was sent overseas to India. On 28 March 1944 a Curtiss C-46 Commando, # 41-24688, assigned to 10th Air Force, Station 7, at Sookerating, India, departed Kunming, China, returning to Sookerating, India, through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump). He was the crew chief. The last radio contact was at about 0030 India ST and the radio operated asked for a course bearing, indicating they needed to verify their location in flight and were likely flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules – no visibility). The remains of the crew were recovered, indistinguishable, and were buried in a group ceremony and grave in the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, in 9 May 2006 (Sec. 60, Grave 8249). They are remembered on the tablets of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial Philippines. 


His brother, Patrick J. Hanlon, born 26 August 1919, served in the U.S. Army from 12 November 1942. He died 4 January 1991 and is buried in the Harmon Cemetery, Harmon, Ellis Co., Oklahoma.


His brother, Edward D. Hanlon, born 9 May 1925, served in the U.S. Navy, AEMT1, from 11 March 1943 to 1 March 1946. He died 21 August 2008 and is buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Lemay, Missouri (Sec. 1-11B, Grave 3365).


His brother, Thomas P. Hanlon Jr., born 23 September 1930, served in the USAF, an Airman First Class, Air Policeman, during the Korean War. He died 27 December 2012 and is buried in the Rehobeth Cemetery, Carthage, Panola Co., Texas.