His father, born 4 September 1894, served during WWI in the U.S. Army, a Private, # 3278299, with the 18th Battery Replacement, Camp Jackson, South Carolina. He served in France, returning 9 May 1919. He died on 23 October 1982 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter Co., FL.

FOX, LAWRENCE HORTON, Second Lieutenant, # 0-802912, USAAF


Lawrence H. Fox was born on 29 August 1921 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, to Ray Leo Fox (1894-1973) and Pauline (Elkins) Fox (1893-1984) (NC). Siblings included Ruby Marie (Fox) Carter (1917-2002), Julian Ray Fox (1917-1993), Virginia Lee (Fox) Burkholder (1920-    ), Wade Thomas Fox (1928-1990), Betty (Fox) Burch (1933-2015).


After enlisting in the USAAF, he completed flight instruction through advanced school and was multi-engine rated. He earned his commission and pilot wings. He was sent overseas to India and assigned to pilot the C-46 Commando transport. On 29 January 1944 a Curtiss C-46A Commando, # 41-24739, assigned to 10th Air Force, Eastern Sector, Station 11, Misamari, India, departed the airfield at Chanyi, China, at 0904 Zulu, on a cargo mission through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump) returning to Misamari, India. The C-46 departed Misamari, India, on 29 January 1944 at 0408 Zulu and arrived at Chanyi, China, at 0811 Zulu, same date. It departed Chanyi at 0940 Zulu for Misamari. A “Request News” was sent after the expiration of its ETA. Chanyi reported the C46 landed there at 1446 Zulu. On 31 January 1944 Kunming was queried about the C46. No answer was received. On 2 February, a C46 was instructed to land at Kunming and verify the status of 41-24739. That C46 reported that 24739 had not landed at Kunming (erroneous msg) and that Kunming reported 24739 landed at Mohanbari, India, on 29 January at 1444 Zulu. A msg to all ATC fields in China got no reports. On 3 February 1944, 24739 was reported missing.  He is remembered on the tablets of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines.


His brother, Julian R. Fox, born 17 December 1917, served in the U.S. Navy from 26 September 1941 to 4 September 1945. He died 28 October 1993.


His brother, Wade T. Fox, born 24 January 1928, served in the USAF, a Lieutenant Colonel from 10 October 1950 to 12 May 1952. He died 10 March 1990 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Charlotte, North Carolina.