John L. Porter was born 26 February 1916 in Marysville, Union County, Ohio, to John Lawrence Porter II (1891-1963) and Rita (Hawley) Porter (1893-1985). A brother was George Wellsley Porter (1920-1943). He graduated from Marysville High School and was on the football team. He attended Ohio State University and was employed at McCall Publishing, Dayton, Ohio. On 10 December 1941, he married Ellen Jane Schmidt (1919-2010).


He enlisted in the USAAF on 22 November 1940 at Fort Thomas Newport, Kentucky, as an aviation cadet. He had completed two years of college. He was the commander of the squadron. On 10 December 1943, at about 1230 hours, a B-25D, # 41-30362, assigned to the ICWATC, Headquarters East Search Squadron, departed Chabua, Assam, India, to search the Chabua, India, area. The aircraft was downed by fire from enemy aircraft. He is remembered on the wall of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, the Philippines. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and Purple Heart.


His brother, George W. Porter, born 16 January 1920, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, was first assigned as an instructor. He requested overseas duty and was assigned as an artillery anti-aircraft officer He was accidentally killed when his sidearm fired while on a transport during the invasion of North Africa on 18 March 1943.

Lt George W. Porter