He enlisted in the USAAF on 9 February 1942 at Fort Thomas Newport, Kentucky. On 2 August 1943, he was the radio operator on a C-46 transport, # 41-12420, 1st Transport Group, 3rd Transport Squadron, which departed Chabua, India, at about 0257 GMT, with a destination of Kunming, China (over “the Hump”). About 85 miles from Chabua, lost an engine one hour out, turned to make the field, lost altitude in mountains 9000 to 12000 feet high; jettisoned half the load (passengers’ baggage); had passengers bail out, and aircraft crashed. The crew of the C-46 was F/O Harry K Neveu, T-185745, pilot, 2ndLt Charles W. Felix, 0-751959, co-pilot, Sgt Walter R. Oswalt, radio operator, 35265754, and SSgt Ned C. Miller, engineer, 6464740. The last contact by radio was with SSgt Glenn S. Arbuthnot, 18046064. Two saw the wreckage – Capt. Hugh E. Wild, 0-423978, and Capt. George E Katzman, 0-372087. Parachutes were used by following passengers: Mr. William T. Stanton, Board of Economic Warfare; Mr. John Davies, State Dept., Gen. Stillwell’s office on VOCO; Mr. Eric Sevaried, War Correspondent, Columbia Broadcasting; Col. Wang Pao Chao, Chinese Army; Lt.Col. Kweh Li, Chinese Army; SSgt Joseph Giguere, 11027791; Cpl. Edward Helland, 15196527; SSgt Joseph Clay, 34854594; Sgt Francis Signer, 32428806; Cpl Basil Lemmon, 18162502; Sgt Glen Kittlesen, 19070584; Cpl Lloyd Sherrill, 37423054; Cpl S M Waterbury, 39368382; Pvt William Schrendt, 33342239; TSgt E Wilder, 18036234; 2ndLt Roland K Lee, 0-569061; Capt. D C Lee, 0-912627, Adjutant General’s Dept, War Department.


Capt. Wild reported: The pilot, F/O Neveu, reported via radio that he was on one engine and would try to make the field. The next report was that he could not make it over the next ridge and was going to order everyone to bail out. A bearing was taken and they bailed out (about 170º from the field). Search parties went immediately and crashed plane was found (about 45 minutes after last radio contact). Messages telling personnel to remain where they were and 3 emergency packs were dropped. In the afternoon, another plane went out and Lt.Col. Flickenger and two medical aides parachuted to render medical aid requested through panel signals. The next morning supplies were dropped and a message was received that all was okay.


On 10 December 1943, at about 1230 hours, a B-25D, # 41-30362, assigned to the ICWATC, Headquarters East Search Squadron, departed Chabua, Assam, India, to search the Chabua, India, area. The aircraft was downed by fire after being attacked by 15 or 16 enemy fighters. It crashed in a mountainous area. He is remembered on the wall of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. He was awarded the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart and other medals. The family placed a memorial in the Old Teegarden Cemetery, Woodington, Darke County, Ohio.