41-30369         B25


On 12 February 1944, a B-25-D, # 41-30369, assigned to 5320th Air Defense Wing, 311th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (on detached duty from 341st Bomb Group, 491st Bomb Squadron (see personnel list www.usaaf-in-cbi.com/341st_web/ ); MSgt Adams – 311th Fighter-Bomber Group; Cpl Barry – 311th Fighter-Bomber Group as detached to 5320th Air Defense Wing; Pvt Hill – Battery “B”, 484th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion), departed Dinjan airfield, India, on a combat mission to bomb and provide offensive reconnaissance. Darkness came shortly after aircraft crossed the Hump. The aircraft did not return from its mission. No search made. Ground troops notified. The crew and passengers were:


                           Pilot                             1stLt Donald E. Whitmer                    0-724497 491st Bomb Squadron

                           Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Karl L. Stoltz                            0-796907     “

                           Bombardier/Navigator 1stLt Donald C MacDonald               0-669079     “

                           Engineer-Gunner         SSgt George A. Small                         35502890     “

                           Radio-Op-Maint          SSgt David H. Hutchinson                  32405194     “

                           Armorer-Gunner          SSgt Carr R. Burke                              6290314       “

                           Passenger                     MSgt Jack H. Adams                           6538971 – 311th Fighter-Bomber Gp

                           “                                  Cpl Joseph J. Barry Jr.                          11117949   “

                           “                                  Pvt Willie Hill                                      34641358 – 484th AAA AW Battalion

                                                                                                                             Battery “B”


MACR was signed by Lieutenant Colonel Charles G. Chandler, Jr., Commander, 311th Fighter-Bomber Group. An identification bracelet turned in to American officers by Burmese natives – had been taken from the body of crew member of a twin-engine wreck near the Forward Echelon Headquarters 5320th Air Defense Wing, Tingkawk-Sakan, Burma. Bracelet was inscribed DON E. WHITMER, 724497. Everyone aboard was killed in action. Tingkawk Sakan was an air field in Burma, located in the far northernmost part of Burma. It was a temporary runway used mostly by the 311th Fighter Group starting in May 1944, flying P-51C Mustangs then in August by the 80th Fighter Group, flying P-47 Thunderbolts; it was closed in January 1945 and has been reclaimed by the jungle.


WHITMER, DONALD EUGENE, First Lieutenant, # 0-724497, USAAF


Donald E. Whitmer was born 29 December 1919 in Lancaster County, Nebraska to Robert Alonzo Whitmer (1880-1943) (auto parts machinist) and Anna Marie “Mary A.” (Nist) Whitmer (1886-1952). Siblings included Earl Whitmer (1906-1969), Beatrice T. Whitmer (1909-    ), Alvin M. Whitmer (1910-1976), Ralph A. Whitmer (1913-    ) and Esther Florence (Whitmer) Gates (1920-1995), all born in Ohio. His grandmother was Mary (Farris) Whitmer (1867-1947) (widowed before 1940). He had a brother, James Whitmer (1924-    ). In 1930 he was living in Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, with his grandmother, Mary. F. Whiter, widowed (born in Iowa), a daughter-in-law of his grandmother, Bessie Whitmer (1898-    ), widowed, and his brother, James. The 1940 census for Lincoln, NE, shows Mary F. Whitmer, widowed, Bessie Whitmer, and Donald E. and James Whitmer.