The witnesses to the crash of the B-25D were 2ndLt William F. Angell, 0-735496, 2ndLt George H. Laverell Jr., 0-735609, 2ndLt Charles A. Lutton, 0-669077, and SSgt Marino R. Galluzzo, 13060516. 2ndLt Angell reported that the B-25, making a gun run on a moving gunboat, formation was attacked by enemy fighters and he saw a Zero attack the B-25 at about a 100’ range and the right wing of the B-25 seemed to explode. Parts came off from the side of the right engine nacelle. The B-25 began a slow rollover and plunged toward the water, nose down. No parachutes were seen. 2ndLt Laverell saw it hit and it went under. He saw nothing reappear. 2ndLt Lutton reiterated this. The crash was near Kiungshan, China. He is remembered on the tablets of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Air Medal.