DANIEL, JAMES K., Second Lieutenant, # 0-      , (Staff Sergeant, # 34258754), USAAF


James K. Daniel was born in March, 1922 in Indiana to James F. Daniel (1896-1975) (IN) and Neenah Mamie (Sheats) Daniel (1900-1961) (IN) (married 4 May 1922, Marion Co., IN). Siblings were Florence Elizabeth (Daniel) Schwartz (1924-2012), Robert Francis Daniel (1928-1946), John Richard “Jack” Daniel (1930-    ) and Dorothy Jean (Daniel) Smith (1930-1971) (twins). Living with them in 1930 was maternal uncle Maurice Van Sheats (1906-1978) (IN). He was a pre-medicine freshman at Whittier College when he enlisted. He married Jo (Buckman) Daniel on 23 November 1943 in Sacramento, California.


He enlisted in the USAAF in April 1942. He was sent overseas to 10th Air Force, Karachi, India, in February 1943. On 11 July 1943 a B-25D, # 41-30458, assigned to 14th Air Force, Kweilin, China, 11th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Chabua, India, on a ferrying mission to Kunming, China, through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump). The crash site was found and recovery of crew remains completed by a U.S. Army Graves Registration team. After recovery from overseas, the indistinguishable remains of the crew (Sears, Breckenridge, Daniel, Dawson, Kulba, Stlunka & Adams) were buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Lemay, Missouri, on 20 August 1949 (Sec. 82, Graves 85 & 86).     There is an indication this veteran was a Second Lieutenant but, no cooroboration was found that this was the same James K. Daniel. Please use the contact page if you have information. If it is the same person, 2Lt Daniel was trained as a navigator and sent overseas in February 1943.


His father, born 17 February 1987, served in the U.S. Army during WWI from 29 September 1916 to 4 June 1920. He died 24 April 1975 in Indiana.