42-100243       B24


On 15 April 1944, a flight of B-24J bombers assigned to the 7th Bomb Group, 9th Bomb Sqadron, departed the 10th Air Force base at Pandeveswar, India, on a bombing mission to Port Blair. B-24J, # 42-100243, was in the flight and was last seen at about 1212 hours and crashed from fire from enemy aircraft. The crew was:

                                        Pilot                             1stLt Stanley M. Allison                                   0-672287

                                        Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Melburn A. Duby                                   0-806821

                                        Navigator                    2ndLt Charles (NMI) Kaufman                         0-683832 (survived)

                                        Bombardier                  2ndLt Francis M. Iriarte                                   0-744199

                                        Engineer                      TSgt Cecil (NMI) Evans Jr.                              14134521

                                        Radio Operator            TSgt Kurt W. Mueller                                       16146125

                                        Gunner                         SSgt John D. Casey                                          11107843

                                        “                                   SSgt John T. Hutchinson                                  32495670

                                        “                                   SSgt Walter A. Blanc                                       32693639

                                        “                                   Cpl Vernon W. Grout                                       17001688


Witnesses: SSgt Salvatore (NMI) DiBello, 11047337 and SSgt Herbert B. Page, 34473751. Parachutes were used.

SSgts Page and DiBello reported: The formation was attacked by enemy fighters. The first pass knocked out the # 2 engine of our lead aircraft, flown by 1stLt Allison. It was feathered. The second pass started engine # 1 on fire. The remaining passes concentrated on the crippled B-24J. We were on his right and could see that the right waist gun, tail guns, and the left nose turret gun were not firing. Allison pulled out of formation and descended to about 300 feet. Four parachutes opened, three landed in the water and another in trees on an island. The B-24J lost altitude rapidly and crashed into the sea about 100 yards from shore. Upon water impact, the B-24J exploded and burned, and the fire died out immediately. They could still see the tail of the B-24J protruding from the water.

Next-of-kin list:

                                      Allison             Mrs Alline M Newson, sister, 61 E. Center St., Mount Gilead, OH

                                      Kaufman         Mrs Mildred K Cowan, mother, 16255 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich.

                                      Duby               Miss Rose Scranton, aunt, 25 Central St., Brattleboro, VT

                                      Iriarte              Mrs Leonora Capote, mother, 140 W. 104th St., NY, NY

                                      Evans              Mrs Eva H. Evans, mother, Rte 1, Coodlettsville, TN

                                      Blanc               Mrs Mary A. Blanc, mother, 189-15 45th Rd., Flushing, NY

                                      Casey               Mrs Marie E. Casey, mother, 31 Grant St., Milford, Mass.

                                      Hutchinson      Mrs Beatrice Hutchinson, mother, 366 E. 128th St., Bronx, NY

                                      Mueller            Mrs Gertrude Mueller, mother, 4333 Dickens Ave., Chicago, IL

                                      Grout               Mrs Ruth P. Grout, wife, Broughton, IL