On 20 May 1944, a flight of B-24J bombers, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 425th Bomb Squadron, Kunming, China, departed the air field at Luichow, China, on a sea sweep mission. B-24J, # 100249, was hit by anti-aircraft enemy fireover the ocean and lost. The crew was:


                                    Pilot                             1stLt Donald (NMI) Campbell Jr.                    0-803773

                                    Co-Pilot                       1stLt James L. Harper                                      0-672086

                                    Bombardier                  2ndLt Basil (NMI) Barna                                0-751628

                                    Navigator                     2ndLt Lloyd F. Kent                                        0-689114

                                    Engineer                      TSgt Luther F. Romine Jr.                               15324697

                                    Radio-Operator           TSgt George (NMI) McCorkell                       12041118

                                    Gunner                        Cpl James C. Kent                                           18169354

                                    “                                  SSgt Robert J. Cromer                                     15066401

                                    “                                  SSgt Gerard R. Eberhardt                                13079796

                                    “                                  SSgt Garland B. Jeffries                                   35690218

                                    Photographer              Sgt Louis J. Gendler                                         31097260

                                                                               16th Combat Camera Unit


The bomber loss was designated a combat casualty, lost over the ocean. Unrecoverable.


Next-of-kin were:


                                    Campbell         Mrs Dorothy M Campbell, wife, 1017 Main St, Clovis, NM

                                    Harper             Mr Bradson Harper, father, 3406 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH

                                    Barna               Mrs Mary B Popovich, mother, RFD 2, Forest City, PA

                                    Kent                Mrs Winifred J Kent, wife, 2150 Kimball St, Brooklyn, NY

                                    Romine            Mr Luther F Romine, father, 1743 E. Main St, Columbus, OH

                                    Cromer            Mrs Marilyn G Cromer, wife, Valley View, Collinsville, IL

                                    Eberhardt        Mrs Elizabeth Eberhardt, mother, 5041 N. Fourth St, Philadelphia, PA

                                    Jeffries             Mrs Lillian B Jeffries, mother, Rte 2, Horse Cave, KY

                                    Kent                Mr James W Kent, father, Rte 1, Benton, AR

                                    McCorkell        Mrs Mary McCorkell, mother, 185 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY