MONTOYA, ADOLPH (NMI), Private, # 39098913, US Army


Adolph Montoya was born 29 August 1915. His mother’s maiden name was Morrow. He was a registered Republican. He registered for the WW II draft on 16 October 1940 in Santa Clara County, California. His employer was Webb and Schell. He described himself as 5’10”, 210 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. Relative listed was Narcissa Sanchez. He enlisted 8 August 1942 in San Francisco, California. He was assigned to the Quartermaster Corps. On 18 January 1944, a C-47A transport departed Dinjan air field, India, on a food dropping mission in Burma. Private Montoya was aboard to help drop supplies. It was assigned to the Second Troop Carrier Squadron. It was last seen at 1150 hours that day. It was reported as a battle casualty, shot down by enemy fighters. The C-47 crash-landed at about 1200 hours east of Fort Hertz, Burma. The left wing was on fire and the ship was washed out completely. Altitude of bail out unknown. Lt. Beckwith, SSgt. Nelson and the two Privates bailed out. All parachutes opened. It is unknown whether the C-47 exploded when it struck the ground. After landing, SSgt Nelson saw no other crew, dead or alive. Lt. Beckwith later verified the two Privates died. One was wounded while in his chute and the other was found dead on the ground (broken back) after bailing out. He examined the C-47 wreckage four days after the crash. Only fragments of the tail section and wings remained. 2ndLt Benson’s body was found in the wreckage. 1stLt Gibbins’ body was found in the wreckage, too. The bodies were buried by Burmese. His remains were buried in the Saint Mary’s Cemetery, Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., California. Requested by Mrs. Mercurio Sanchez, Gilroy, California, on 18 June 1948. He was awarded a Purple Heart medal.

TAYLOR, WILSON L., Private, # 34516857, U.S. Army


Wilson L. Taylor was born 18 November 1916 to Green Lee Taylor (1889-1937), a policeman, and Maude (Satterfield) Taylor (1888-1956), 7 Snow Street, Greer, Greenville Co., South Carolina. In 1930 the family lived in Butler, Greenville County, South Carolina. Siblings included John P. Taylor (1912-1971), Cecil Taylor (1912-1985), Gary Edward Taylor (1918-2013), Hubert Alvin Taylor (1921-1988), Ruby (Taylor) Tucker (1923-1994), Evelyn Jeanetteb (Taylor) Boozer (1925-2004), and Mary Lucy (Taylor) Arthur (1927-2015). The 1940 census shows the family in Chick Springs, Greenville County, South Carolina, as: Maude Taylor (1888-1956), widowed, Wilson Taylor (1916-1944), Gary Edward Taylor (1918-2013), Hubert A. Taylor (1921-1988), Ruby (Taylor) Tucker (1923-1994), Evelyn Jeanette (Taylor) Boozer (1925-2004), and Mary Lucy (Taylor) Arthur (1927-2015).