George B. Meehan



On 18 January 1944, a C-47, 41-19476, assigned 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron, departed Dinjan, India, on food packet drop mission to Burma. It was last seen at about 1137 hours, downed by enemy fighters. All aboard were killed in action.


         Pilot                             Capt. Ferde A. Larson                          0-729190          KIA

         Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Jesse D. Morris                          0-684535          KIA

         Radio Operator            1stLt Joseph D. Feldman                      0-857395         KIA

         Drop Crew                  1stSgt William (NMI) Seymour            39024032 QMC KIA

         Drop Crew                  Cpl Charles W. Morgan Jr.                    33288970         KIA

         Drop Crew                  Capt. James R. Fitzpatrick                     0-1285730       KIA

         Passenger                     2ndLt Thomas R. Riley                        0-354389          KIA

         Passenger                     P/M 2ndCls Bernard N. Baumann        329-08-29 USN KIA


A statement by Capt. Donald G Prout, Asst. Operations Officer, said: On 19 January 1944 I went as a passenger on a B-25 to search for four missing planes, one photo ship and our three transports, numbers C-47 41-19476, C-47A 42-100615, and C-47A 42-100696. After finding no trace of the photo ship we proceeded to the area where reports indicated our transports may be located. One village had a message saying a plan was six miles in the direction indicated by an arrow. We looked over the area but found no trace of any of the ships. We were forced to return due to a lack of fuel of escorting fighters.


Last contacted by radio by Cpl Harold J. Peterson, 33276274.