HOMSCHEK, JOSEPH ARTHUR, Private, #33303876, U.S. Army


Joseph A. Homschek was born 12 May 1921, in Pittston, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, to Bernard Ulysses Homschek (1892-1947) and Agnes (Hozichek) Homschek (1898-1987), in 1950 residing at 157 Center, Pittston, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Siblings include Harold Bernard Homschek (1920-1974), Eugene L. Homschek (1922-1985), Hilda Homschek (1926-1926), Ester Homschek (1925-    ), Hilda Homschek (1926-1926), Ruth Agnes Homschek (1927-2008) and Bernard Homschek (1928-1928).


In 1942 he completed his WW II draft card. He described himself as 5’8”, 140 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. He was inducted 13 September 1942 and was in training through 20 January 1943. He was transferred to India and served there through his death. On 18 January 1944, a C-47A troop carrier, 42-100696, assigned to the 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, departed Dinjan, India, on a food packet drop mission to Burma. It was last contacted at 1137 hours by radio. It was shot down by enemy fighters in Burma. All aboard were killed in action. Graves Registration recovered mixed remains of the named servicemen and returned the remains to the U.S. for burial. On 8 June 1950, a single casket group burial of several remains is at Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois, Section E, Site 407.


This family gave far more than most. PFC Eugene L. Homschek, 22, (1922-1985), # 13024860, enlisted 3 January 1941 and served through 13 December 1944; served overseas from 14 December 1944 through 31 October 1945, then in the U.S. from 1 November 1945 to 15 November 1945, at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He was an infantryman, was seriously wounded in action on 12 May 1944, in the Philippine Islands. Wounds included shrapnel wounds to the knees, wrists and stomach. In 1950, he was on active duty and the Pennsylvania veterans compensation was to be sent to Headquarters Co., 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry, Fort Lewis, Washington. He retired 31 December 1965. He died 9 August 1985, and is buried in the Bellevue Memorial Gardens cemetery, Columbia County, Georgia.


Corporal Harold Bernard Homschek (1920-1974) was wounded and a POW in Germany. He was born 6 February 1920 in Pittston Pennsylvania. He described himself as 5’9”, 155 lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes. On 18 June 1938, he married Juel Marie Kobi (1919-    ) in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He enlisted 11 December 1943 in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania (service # 33613339), and was stationed in the U.S. until 29 October 1944. He saw European service between 30 October 1944 to 27 August 1945 with the 257th Engineer’s Battalion. He was a POW of the Germans on 22 March 1945 but was liberated. He was returned to the U.S. 28 August 1945 and was honorably separated 9 November 1945, at Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pennsylvania. He died at age 54 years on 17 July 1974, and is buried in St. Michael’s cemetery, Pittston, Pennsylvania.


His father enlisted in the U.S. Army on 26 February 1918, at Pittston, Pennsylvania. He served in WW I, with the 56th Engineer Battalion, Company F. As a Corporal (service # 1808788). He was overseas from 9 July 1918 through 18 January 1919. He used U.S. Army transport, the U.S.S. Huron, which departed St. Nazaire, France, on 4 January 1919. He was honorably discharged at Camp Humphreys, Virginia, on 17 February 1919. His home was 515 Meyers St., Duryea, Pennsylvania. His parents were Fred (1864-1937) and Marie “Mary” (Grabner) Homschek (1872-1939). He died 1 June 1947 and is buried in the Saint Marys Assumption Cemetery, Hughestown, Pennsylvania.