Next-of-kin list:


                                 Greene             Mrs. Louise P. Greene, mother, 150-67 116th Road, Jamaica, New York

                                 Mandenhall      Mrs. Sarah E. Mendenhall, mother, 15 E. 2nd St., Xenia, Ohio

                                 Weiner             Mrs. Jessie Weiner, mother, 3003 Virginia Road, Los Angeles, CA

GREENE, DAVID P., Second Lieutenant, # 0-718615, USAAF


David P. Greene was born in 1923 in New York to Parnell Joseph “Mickey” Greene (1890-1970) (born Louisville, Kentucky) and Louise Greene (1893-1985) (born Virginia). His father was a wholesale shoe salesman for Knapp Shoe Co., Brockton, Massachusetts. In 1944 his parents lived at 150-67 116th Road, Jamaica, New York. His parents are buried in the Long Island National Cemetery (Sec. 2Z, Site 1815).


After enlistment, he completed extensive flight training and was rated for multi-engine aircraft. He earned his commission and wings. On 19 October 1944, a C-47A, # 42-100704, assigned to 10th Air Force, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, 315th Troop Carrier Squadron, departed Ledo, India, headed to Myitkyina, Burma (which had been retaken by allied forces) on a routine operational flight. Last contact was by radio. His remains were never recovered. He is remembered on the wall at the Manila American Cemetery & Mausoleum, Philippines. He was awarded the Purple Heart.


His father, Joseph P. Greene, served in the U.S. Navy dring WW I. His address at enlistment was c/o the Athletic Club, Columbus, Ohio. He enlisted at the Cicinnati Naval Recruiting Station on 26 September 1917. He was at the Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL, through 6 December 1917. He was at the Naval Hospital, Hampton Roads, Virginia, through 25 June 1819. He was honorably discharged on 25 September 1921 at 3rd Naval District, Brooklyn, NY. He was a CST/D for 402 days and in basic training 54 days.

Joseph P. Greene (Passport Image)

MENDENHALL, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Flight Officer, # T-125375, USAAF


John W. Mendenhall was born in 1921 to John William Mendenhall (1877-1966) and Sarah E. (Staten) Michael nee Mendenhall (1888-1961). In the 1940 census, Sarah is shown as divorced; she married William E. Michael on 12 May 1951 in Indiana.