Anderson Family Monument

42-93341         C47


On 7 August 1944, a C-47A, # 42-93341, assigned to 10th Air Force, 3rd Combat Cargo Group, 9th Combat Cargo Squadron, departed the airfield at Moran, India, on an air supply drop mission to a target in Burma, to return to land at the airfield at Sookerating, India. Last radio contact was at about 1054 India ST near 96º 48’ East & 25º 19’ North. The crew and droppers were:


                                                Pilot                             F/O Wyant V. Mecham                       T-2733

                                                Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Walter E Davis                          0-715155

                                                Engineer                      Sgt Arnold S. Oja                                31115894

                                                Radio Operator            Sgt Robert S. Mercier                         16021900

                                                Dropper                       Sgt Pitt                                                 Brtish Royal Artillery

                                                “                                  Gunner Banes                                                 “

                                                “                                  Gunner Downton                                            “


Radio contact was with Sgt Frederick A. Jackson, 16262933, Moran. Chabua, India, Air Search Unit was notified. At 1054 an unidentified aircraft was seen to crash into a low hill about 4 miles west of Warazup, Burma (Station 36), on a course of 290º. Liaison air located the crash but could not identify the aircraft which had burned. The last radio contact with 42-93341 was that they were “dropping on target.” The British kickers were volunteers.