42-107386       C46 (MACR 12033)


On 4 February 1945, a C-46A, “Believed To Be,” # 42-107386, assigned to Air Transport Command, 1306th AAF Base Unit, Karachi, India, departed the airfield at Chabua, India, on a cargo and passenger ferry mission to Agra, India. It carried two crewmen and thirty-three passengers, many of whom were on their way home after completing their combat tour of duty. Those aboard were:


Pilot                 F/O Cecil A. Weaver              T-193145

Co-Pilot           2ndLt Robert H. Maddox        0-771073

Passengers       Cpl Buster Beck                       13807722

                        Cpl Lester F. Sellers                 37130005

                        PFC James G. Goodman         18547649

                        1stLt Myron L. Cook               0-694860

                        1stLt. John A. Flach                0-7522398

                        1stLt Marshall Young              0-742403

                        SSgt Alva H. Floyd                  34666636

                        Lt John F. McDonough Jr.      0-810910

                        TSgt Allan H. Cousins             32439828

                        TSgt Marvin H. Jacobs            32833249

                        1stLt James W. Brokaw           0-750331

                        TSgt Scott F. Mitchell              33290838

                        TSgt Lawrence G. Jacobs         31141682

                        1stLt Harold B. Morse             0-809852

                        TSgt Robert E. Finks               16151830

                        SSgt Merril R. Hyde                 14023531

                        SSgt Harlan G. Casper             19174473 (14th AF)

                        SSgt Forman F. Smith              20246146

                        TSgt Philip Feld                       31278351

                        SSgt Ernest B. Schenck           33289869

                        SSgt Joseph B. Hewitt Jr.         32486680

                        SSgt David McKissock Jr.        32138397

                        Sgt Joseph F. Kehrer               32280080

                        1stLt Howard S. Pierson          0-692713

                        1stLt Frederick J. Raubinger    0-756694

                        1stLt Louis F. Worland            0-681849

                        PFC Norman C. Maxfeldt       38073065

                        Capt Thomas J. Harper            0-503807

                        Capt Kenneth R. Arnette         0-501903