On 26 November, in accordance with XX Bomber Command Field Order #18, the planes of the 40th once more roared into the air – this time from the rear area – to attack the Bangsue Marshalling Yards at Bangkok, Thailand. Fifteen aircraft were dispatched and of these 13 successfully bombed the primary target.

Bombing was accomplished from 18000 to 19000 feet and Lt JESSE OHR (44th Squadron), who was the lead bombardier, had the satisfaction of seeing his bombs fall directly on the aiming point. Unfortunately “B” and “D” flights were flying wide of “A” and “C” in the center, and their bombs fell outside the target area indicating the necessity for further training in formation flying. Results of the bombing were clearly shown in strike photographs and in the reconnaissance photographs taken by a 40th Group plane piloted by Major ROBERT MOSS (45th Squadron) which was over the target about two hours later. A total of 145 500 lb AN M-64 TNT bombs were dropped at the target.


Group History, 1 Nov thru 30 Nov 44, Hq 40th Bomb Gp, APO 631, 29 Jan 45

Only weak fighter opposition was encountered but the weakness of the loose formation was clearly shown when one lone Zeke in a head on attack flew through the entire formation, inflicting minor damage on four B-29’s, and escaping unscathed by return fire.

Antiaircraft fire was meager and inaccurate. Weather at Bangkok was CAVU.

Thirteen planes returned safely to Chakulia and one proceeded to Chittagong after losing #4 engine.

Leaving the primary target the pilot of aircraft #452 radioed the formation commander that he had wounded personnel aboard due to the fighter attack and that he could not close his bomb bay doors. In the vicinity of Diamond Island enroute back he asked permission to proceed to Chittagong. The formation commander asked if there were any major mechanical difficulties or shortage of gasoline and was assured there were none, that #452 had plenty of gas and that no escort was needed. Permission was given and #452 left the formation. Enroute a radio message was received at Chakulia that #352 was proceeding to Chittagong. This plane was not heard from thereafter, did not arrive at Chittagong and to this date of this writing is still unaccounted for despite extensive searching. Following is a list of the crew, all members of the 45th Squadron.


(Citation:  http://www.40thbombgroup.org/Archives/40thBG_Files/40th_Nov44.pdf)