42-24706         B29      (MACR 10043)


On 28 November 1944, a B-29, # 42-24706, “Windy City II,” assigned to 20th Air Force, 468th Bomb Group, 794th Bomb Squadron (of which Lt.Col. Hennin was Commander), departed the airfield at Kharagpur, India, on a training flight over Halliday Island and return. The crew were:

                                 Pilot                             Lt.Col. Philip F. Hennin                       0-370629         KIA

                                 Co-Pilot                       1stLt John J. Sheenan Jr.                      0-807525         KIA

                                 Navigator                    Capt. Ottis O. Carey                             0-789450         KIA

                                 Bombardier                  1stLt Roscoe E. Schultz                      0-766759         KIA

                                 Engineer                      1stLt Michael Kowalsky                      0-569548         KIA

                                 Radar                           1stLt Marion A. King                           0-863869         Wounded

                                 Senior Gunner             SSgt Edward A. Salisbury                    20244525        “

                                 Radio Gunner              SSgt Walter Bianco                              32785122        KIA

                                 Right Waist Gunner     SSgt Paul R. Rogus                              16150311        KIA

                                 Left Waist Gunner       SSgt Robert J. Metzger                         37390075        Wounded

                                 Tail Gunner                 SSgt George L. Dillaway                      11017139        “

                                 2nd Bombardier          2ndLt Robert J. Wilson                         0-2061422       KIA

                                 2nd Radar                   Cpl. Wayne L. Davis                             11043242        Wounded

                                 Passenger Tech Rep    Harold G. Vavra                                                             “

                                 “                                  George R. Tarr                                                                KIA

The # 3 engine was losing power, then caught fire. The Kidde system (fire surpression) was activated and the fire was under control. The electrical system was deactivated. SSgt Metzger was sent to turn on the “putt-putt” (small generator) and did so. As it was activated, the entire right wing exploded. King, Salisbury, Metzger, Dilioway, Davis and Vavra bailed out and saw the B-29 roll over twice as it went down. The next-of-kin were listed as:

                                            Hennin            Alice B. Hennin, M, 166 Lyons Ave, Newark, NJ

                                            Sheenan           Johanna A. Sheenan, M, 1403 S. Broad St, Trenton, NJ

                                            Carey               Marguerite J Carey, W, Edward S Carey, 1213 N Lea St, Roswell NM (of Nacona, TX)

                                            Schultz            Janet J. Schultz, W, 1120 Hague Ave, Saint Paul, Minn. (of Montevideo, Minn.)

                                            Kowalsky        Akym Kowalsky, F, Pleasant Mount, PA

                                            King                Maude A King, M, 1203 Ave. “O”, Huntsville, TX

                                            Salisbury          Mary H Salisbury, M, 212 Irvington Ave, S. Orange, NJ

                                            Bianco             Miss Dorothy Bianco, S, Royal Petroleum Co, 420 Lexington Ave, NY, NY

                                            Rogus              Victoria M Rogus, M, Box 213, Clarence, PA

                                            Metzger           George Metzger, F, Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club, Cincinnati, OH

                                                                     Mrs Metzger, W, 624 W. 61st Terrace, Kansas City, MO

                                            Vavra               Frank Vavra, F, 1411 7th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

                                            Tarr                 Eleanor G Tarr, 2931 Chase St, Denver, CO

                                            Dillaway          Wilmington, Mass.