His brother, Samuel J. Selkirk, born 9 January 1927, served in the U.S. Navy, # 2511737, from 22 January 1944 to 21 May 1946. He served overseas from about 15 May 1945 to 2 March 1946. He died on 15 May 1988 in Pennsylvania and was buried in the St. Bernard’s Cemetery, White Township, Indiana Co., PA.


His brother, John D. Selkirk, born 18 February 1932, served in the U.S. Air Force, Staff Sergeant, during the Korean War from 7 July 1950 to 6 July 1954. He died on 24 April 2004 and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Indiana Co., PA.

John D. Selkirk, H.S.

1st Air Commando P-47s (5 diagonal stripes)

1st Air Commando commanders/crews wait