On 25 July 1943, 0630 hours, a B-25C Mitchell, # 42-32264, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group (Medium), 22nd Bomb Squadron, departed Chakulia airfield on a bombing mission to Burma. It encountered rough weather (monsoons) and crashed. The crew was:

                                               Pilot                                 2ndLt   Phillip J. Simonette      0-730975

                                               Co-Pilot                           2ndLt Thomas T. Dunham      0-734209

                                               Navigator                         2ndLt Robert H. Seaver           0-667198

                                               Bombardier                      2ndLt Robert W. Cowell          0-662260

                                               Photographer-Gunner      TSgt Walter C. Brown              19032809

                                               Engineer-Gunner             SSgt Herbert NMI Balsky        12041546

                                               Radio Operator-Gunner   SSgt Peter Savich                     33168476

                                               Armorer-Gunner               SSgt John J. Welch                   31134704

Search sorties: 

Nine B-25s of the 22nd Bomber Squadron departed Chakulia AB 26 July 194 at 1430 hrs on a search mission for missing B-25C, # 42-32264. Six flew parallel patterns diagonally 12 miles apart across the Bay of Bengal, on a heading of 120º, striking the East shore points from Cox Dazer to south of Akyab. Each then flews 6 miles on a heading of 210º, turning at this point to a heading of 300º, which was parallel to their course 6 miles to the Bay. The other 3 flew individual search pattern as follows: One flew rectangular patterns in the NE section of the Bay of Bengal. One flew down the coast from Chittagong, Burma, to just north of Akyab, Burma. And one flew a triangular pattern SE of Calcutta, India, over the delta (now Bangladesh). Since 26 July 1943 the British RAF and the Royal India Navy conducted searches over this same area.

Next of kin listed included:

                                                Cowell             Mrs Robert Cowell, wife,  2##1 North 6th St., Wisconsin

                                                Simonette        Mr. Alfred Simonettte, brother, 1181 Westy----- Ave., Apt ##, New York

                                                Seaver              Mrs. Charles  Seaver, Mother, 3#3#    Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio

                                                Brown              Mrs.       Brown, mother, Rte# 1, Box ##, Leiston, Idaho

                                                Dunham          Mrs Lois R. Dunham, wife, 113# Willington St., Oakland, CA

                                                Welch              Mrs Margaret W. Welch, mother, 31 Plymouth St., Cambridge, Massachusetts

                                                Savich              Mrs. Mildred Savich, mother, 136     Ave, Wil      , PA

                                                Balsky              Mr. Frank Balsky, father, 9##     St, NY, NY

As an example of experience, up to the date and time this bomber was downed, SSgt. Welch had flown seventeen combat missions for a total of 97.55 hours (nearly 98).