SIMONETTI, PHILLIP J , Second Lieutenant, # 0-730975, USAAF


Phillip J. Simonetti was born 22 April 1918 in New York to Joseph (Guiseppi) Simonetti (1853-    ) and Palma (Cirone) Simonetti (1878-1937), both born in Italy and immigrated in 1905. Siblings included: James Simonetti (1899-    ), Thomas Simonetti (1900-    ), John Simonetti (1902-    ), Rose Simonetti (1905-1993), Elizabeth Simonetti (1907-1980), all born in Italy then born in New York: Helen “Nellie” Simonetti (1910-    ), Alfred Simonetti (1912-    ), and Antoinette Simonetti (1916-1997). He attended George Washington H.S. in New York.


While living in Bronx, New York, he enlisted on 14 August 1941 at Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina. He had completed three years of college. He entered the aviation cadet program. After completion of pre-flight school, pilot training and a few advanced training pilot schools, he was sent overseas and joined the 341st Bombardment Group (Medium), the 22nd Bombardment Squadron. He was pilot of the B-25C when it was lost. The searches produced no results.

DUNHAM, THOMAS T., Second Lieutenant, # 0-734209, USAAF


On 25 July 1943, at 0630 hours, a B-25C Mitchell, # 42-32264, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group (Medium), 22nd Bomb Squadron, departed Chakulia airfield on a bombing mission to Burma. It encountered rough weather (monsoons) and crashed, never to be found. Nine B-25s of the 22nd Bomber Squadron departed Chakulia AB 26 July 194 at 1430 hrs on a search mission for missing B-25C, # 42-32264. Six flew parallel patterns diagonally 12 miles apart across the Bay of Bengal, on a heading of 120º, striking the East shore points from Cox Dazer to south of Akyab. Each then flews 6 miles on a heading of 210º, turning at this point to a heading of 300º, which was parallel to their course 6 miles to the Bay. He is remembered on the wall of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart.