BURTON, JOHN JUNIUS, Technical Sergeant, # 19024197, USAAF


John J. Burton was born on 27 April 1915 in Junius English Burton (1880-1944) (IL) and Ethel K. (Hannon) Burton (1883-1961). Siblings included Robert Hannon Burton (1916-1984), Donald Adair Burton (1918-1988), Lindley Dean Burton (1920-1996) and Sibley Alan Burton (1925-1988).


After enlistment he was trained and sent overseas for duty in India. He served with the 51st Fighter Squadron. On 25 May 1944, a C-47 (Skytrain), # 42-32868, assigned to 10th Air Force, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron, departed the airfield at Dinjan, Assam, India, to fly to Tingkawk Sakan, Burma, on an air supply mission. TSgt Burton was a passenger on the flight. Weather was IFR conditions, visibility zero. Searches were conducted on land and in air for several months. The wreckage and some crew and passengers were never found. The pilot, injured and delirious, was found nearly two weeks later on a trail far from the crash site and survived after lengthy medical care and treatment. He is remembered on the monument at the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines.

RANKIN, VICTOR CRAWFORD, U.S. Office of War Information (Psychological Warfare Department)


Victor C. Rankin was born 8 August 1910 in California to James Walter Rankin (1879-1939) and Flora Lytle (Crawford) Rankin (1884-1957). He studied at and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and earned his degree in "Letters and Science" (modernly Literature & Sciences", with a major in Spanish. He was a member of fraternity Chi Psi and Skull & Keys. In 1932, he was made the captain of an infantry unit of the ROTC. He was married to Jeanne Louise (Boadway) Rankin (1917-2000), 578 N. Coast Blvd., Laguna Beach, CA. In 1940, he was 5’11”, 150 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. He was the bearer of Special U.S. Passport No. 32653 (S.30873) issued 1 October1943. 

As a member of a unique office in the U.S. War Information office, he was the leader of a psychological warfare team in the C.B.I. theater of war. In this capacity, he worked with the command and theater operations units in the war against the Empire of Japan. Before entering the service of his country, he was a script writer in Hollywood and a former director of the Community Players (stage) in Laguna Beach.