SHERRY, WILLIAM SPENCER, Flight Officer, # T-186462, USAAF


William S. Sherry was born 3 June 1921 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, to Claire Spencer Sherry (1894-1962) and Louise (Bale) Sherry (1895-1981). He had two siblings, Mary Jane Sherry (1917-1996) and John “Jack” Spencer Sherry (1931-1994). He graduated from Waukegan High School. He was married to Margaret (McNair) Sherry, Augusta, Georgia, married at the home of Augusta Road Baptist Church Pastor Rev. John A. Wilcox, when SSgt. Sherry was stationed at Greenville AAF Base, Greenville, South Carolina. He was the first of the new 15 flying sergeants to marry.


He enlisted at the rank of Staff Sergeant on 5 August 1942, with two years of college, at Napier Field, Dothan, Alabama, while residing in Lake Co., Illinois. He was a “plank owner” as one of the first USAAF flying sergeants. He married before leaving for overseas. He was the pilot of a B-25C, # 53468, assigned to the 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed Kurmitela, India, on a bombing mission to Maymyo, Burma, at about 0615 hours on 25 September 1943. F/O Sherry, flying number two position in a two-aircraft formation, was on my right wind, as we entered the clouds at about 5,000 feet, 170 MPH [leaving the base in India]. There was little air turbulence. F/O Sherry did not rejoin the flight, according to the crew of the other bomber. He and his crew were buried in a group grave in Fort Scott National Cemetery, Fort Scott, Kansas, on 23 January 1950, after their remains were recovered by a Graves Registration team.