SORENSON, WILLIAM H., Staff Sergeant, # 13042828, USAAF


William H. Sorenson was born on 15 June 1916 in Delaware to William Sorenson (1877-    ) (Germany – emigrated 1890, naturalized) and Christina Carolina (Wortman) Sorenson (1885-    ). Siblings included Ethel M. Sorenson (1908-    ), Charles Wortman Sorenson (1910-1983), Arthur W. Sorenson (1912-    ), Mary E. Sorenson (1913-    ), Edwin A. Sorenson (1919-    ), Lenora May (Sorenson) Todd (1921-1990), Franklin H. Sorenson (1923-1975), Audrey E. Sorenson (1923-    ), .


He enlisted 11 August 1941. He was selected for training as an armorer and gunner for the B-29 Superfortress. It was as the tail waist gunner he was serving when killed. During 15 to 16 June 1944, a 20th Air Force, 58th Bombardment Wing, 468th Bomb Group, 792nd Bomb Squadron, Kharagpur A.A.B., India, a B-29, # 42-6231, departed the airfield at Pengshan, China, and was lost. The bomber on the Yawata, Japan, raid, crashed about 100 miles north of the Pengshan, China. No bombs were found in the wreckage, thus it was returning from its mission when it crashed. The crash 11 miles northeast of Kiangyu, China, on 15 June 1944. The bomber crashed into a sheer cliff and exploded. There were 19 aircraft in the attack on Yawata; 42-6231 was the 17th bomber to depart on the mission. Position reports placed the aircraft well north of the plotted course. The last report was 115 miles northeast of Pengshan. On 20 June 1944, a search party reached the crash wreckage; the Chinese found the radio operator’s log which contained the last three digits of the aircraft number “##-#631. Weather was not a factor in the crash. His remains were recovered in China. Indistiguishable from other crewmen remains, they were buried together in a group (ten remains – Aeh, Akins, Barrett, Gilman, Lund, Mann, Munoz, Pack, Robertson & Witcher) three-casket burial in the Fort Smith National Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas, on 15 September 1949 (Sec. 2, Graves 765 & 766). The family placed a memorial marker in the Agudat Achim Cemetery, Rotterfam, Schenecady County, New York.