TSgt Oliver M. Hinsdell, 19055196, reported by correspondence from 1738 Brockton Ave., Los Angeles, CA, that he was the radar operator on the B-29and when the order to abandon ship was given, he was at his station in the rear pressurized section of the bomber. As far as he knew, 2ndLt Moore was at his station in the forward pressurized section. It was not possible for Hinsdell to see Moore. The last Hinsdell heard from Moore was a reply to a request from the pilot for a heading toward the nearest land. This was right after the left outboard engne had “run away.” The crew discussed the engine and the selection of the most favorable terrain before bail-out. When the co-pilot gave the order, Hinsdell acknowledged it and removed his headphones for the parachute jump. The co-pilot rang the emergency signal bell as a safety precaution. It was plainly heard.


Hinsdell stepped to the rear door behind SSgt Roy Smith, tail gunner, and Hinsdell saw that they were low (about 1,300 feet) and were over a beach. Smith hesitated a second then rolled out the door. Hinsdell followed and the other gunners followed Hinsdell. Smith landed about 500 or more yards inland and Hinsdell at about 700-800 yards inland. They were both still on an extremely wide beach, separated from cultivated fields by low sand dunes. The others, including the pilot and co-pilot, jumped from the front. The other gunners landed in the dunes and the fields. The pilot and co-pilot were last to jump and landed well inland. Friendly Chinese picked them up.


SSgt. Joseph F. Gillen reported that he was in the rear compartment and did not see 2ndLt moore bail out. Gillen bailed out over the China coast about 45 minutes after bombing the target from 24,000 feet in Anshan, Manchuria. After landing, Capt. Overton told SSgt Gillen that 2ndLt Moore, 1stLt McCrary, 1stLt Porter and TSgt Smreck biled out while they were still over water about 20 to 30 miles off-shore after the mission drop. No one saw them jump. No one knew if their parachutes opened.

Next-of-kin were listed as:


                                        Overton           Dr. John Adam Overton, F, 3721 Central Ave, Nashville, TN

                                                                Mrs Evelyn Overton, W, 1432 Alverado Ave, Nashville, TN

                                        Hanlon            Mrs Lettie Hanlon, M, 1442 S. 3rd St, Milwaukee, Wisc.

                                        McCrary           Mrs Mary Len A. McCrary, W, 15#3 Fourth St, _______, TX

                                        Porter              Mrs Alva M Porter, W, Box 135, Sentinel, OK

                                        Moore              Mrs Anne Moore, W, 208 Sutton St, ___ville, KY

                                        Hinsdell           Mr Oliver R Hinsdell, F, 267 ______ Drv, Los Angeles, CA

                                        Smreck            Mrs Mabel A Smreck, W, 721 Moore St, Toledo, OH

                                        Landers            Mrs Eva K Landers, sister-in-law, Box 8, ______, NM

                                        Gillen              Mrs Evelyn Pheland, Aunt, 650 E 235th St, Bronx, NY

                                        Smith               Mrs Nina(?) Smith, M, Rte 1, Nicholson, GA