On 11 November 1944, a B-29, # 42-6237, assigned to 20th Air Force, Kankulia, 40th Bomb Group, 25th Bomb Squadron, departed Pengshan, China, on a bombing mission to Nanking, China. At 0206 Zulu, the B-29 reported the # 4 engine was on fire when still over the target. The crew were:


                                      Pilot                             1stLt Richard L. Vickrey                      0-664092         KIA

                                      Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Burnard L. Page                         0-809033         KIA

                                      Navigator                    1stLt Felix O. Sinicrope                        0-738894         RTD

                                                         Transferred to 1010 USAAF Base Unit, Atlantic City, NJ (24 Jul 1945)

                                      Bombardier                  2ndLt Edward G. Cassidy                   0-686408         KIA

                                      Flight Engineer            2ndLt William G. Warburton               0-861396         RTD

                                      Radar                           Sgt John A. Myers Jr.                           12081693        KIA

                                      Radio Oper-Gunner     SSgt Dwight E. Collins                        14149196        POW/EUS

                                                         Transferred to 128 USAAF Base Unit, Greenville Air Base, SC (11 Jun ’45)

                                      Senior Gunner             Sgt Frederick S. Carlton                       19100930        POW

                                      Right Gunner               Sgt Watson R. Lankford                      34449608        RTD

                                      Left Gunner                 Sgt Carl R. Rieger                                37408023        RTD

                                      Tail Gunner                 Sgt George R. Schuchardt                    32079822        POW/EUS

                                                           Transferred to 2126 USAAF Base Unit, Laredo Airfield, TX (10 Jun 1945)

                                      Passenger                     Major (Lt.Col.) Francis B. Morgan       0-342800         EUS

                                                        Assigned to “Signal C” – transfer to 1090 USAAF Base Unit, Miami Beach, FL (8 August 1945)


The last contact by radio was with Major Neil W. Wample, 0-421363. The crewmen who escaped the Japanese and returned to military control on 28 November 1944, appeared to be in good health. Sgt Carlton was last seen in Shimonoshenki, Japan, 13 September 1945. Myers bailed out over Nanking, China (enemy held).


The next-of-kin list was:


Morgan            Mrs Alyce G.. Morgan, W, 1504 N.W. 9th Ave, Miami, FL

Sinicrope         Mr Patsey Sinicrope, F, Box 398, Kimball, W.VA.

                        Mrs Doris M Sinicrope, W, 11 Guernsey St, Stanford, Conn.

Warburton       Mr Frank W. Warburton, F, 3002 Lowe Ave, Chicago, IL

Schuchardt      Mrs Agnes T. Schuchardt, W, 286 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ

                                    Also Box 96, Pine Hill, NJ

Collins             Mrs Bessie F Collins, M, Rte 1, Brevard, No. Carolina

Cassidy            Mrs Bridget M. Cassidy, M, 108-34 Roosevelt Ave, Corona, Long Island, NY