42-6240           B29-10-BW  “Pampered Lady”


On 30 July 1944, B-29-10-BW, # 42-6240, “Pampered Lady,” departed the airfield at Chakulia, India, on a ferry mission to Hsinching, China, over “the Hump” of the Himalayan mountain range. It was last in contact by radio at about 0539 Zulu at about 25º 50’ North & 96º 10’ East, with Maj. Perier A. Koenig, 0-413599. The crew were:


                                              Pilot                             Maj. Edwin R. Glass                            0-411826

                                              Co-Pilot                       2ndLt John J. Madeline                        0-808859

                                              Navigator                    1stLt Henry Morgan                             0-662359

                                              Bombardier                  2ndLt Leonard Kweatowski                0-736710

                                              Flight Engineer            1stLt Fred J. Smerke                            0-866454

                                              Radio Operator            TSgt Elmer E. Stilfield                        17035670

                                              Tail Gunner                 TSgt Charles A. Olauson                     18041973

                                              Passenger                     Capt Charles R. Howell                       0-408817  20th AF Bomber Command


Operations Officer Capt. H.K. Lindley reported: 42-6240 departed at 0230Z on a ferry mission. The last position report was [above]. This put him 1 mi. WSW of Liliang and about 4 miles north of his course. No other reports received. 42-6276, returning from A-1, picked up a msg requesting signal strength and readability. The # 276 radio operator replied loud and clear (last contact) at about 0700Z. Afterwards, urgent requests for info were made to forward bases and Liliang and Sichang. 42-6240 did not land at Chabua, Kunming, or any forward base. Air Sea Rescue Officer, Lt. Seller, A-2, Bomber Command, was notified 30 Jul 1944. Kunming was notified.


The next-of-kin listed were:


                                            Glass               Adele E Glass, M, Gen. Del., Uniontwn, Alabama

                                            Howell             Mirian T. Howell, W, E. Church St, Sandersville, GA

                                            Morgan            Maurice E Morgan, F, 10517 Greenburn Ave, Sunland, CA

                                            Smerke            F.A. Smerke, F, 5015 Hampshire Blvd, Fort Worth, TX

                                            Madeline          Daniel Madeline, F, 137 E. Park Ave, Hubbard, OH

                                            Kwiatkowski   Loretta B Kweatowski, W, 4720 W. Addison St, Chicago, IL

                                            Stilfield            William H Stilfield, F, 445 N Missouri, Liberty, Missouri

                                            Olauson           Mrs George Olauson, 8963 David Ave, Los Angeles, CA