On 15 June 1944, a B-29, # 42-6261, assigned to 20th Air Force, 40th Bomb Group, 45th Bomb Squadron, departed the air base at Chakulia, India, on an operational mission to the airfield at the advance base at Hsing-Ching, China. It was last seen at about 0240 Zulu at the airfield at Jorhat, India. The planned route was departure on course 57º from Chakulia to Jorhat and through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump) to Chabua, China, to Hsi-Chang, China, then to Hsing-Chang, China. (MACR 6010). The crew and a passenger were:


                                     Pilot                                         Capt. Marvin W. Stockett                    0-401260

                                     Co-Pilot                                   2ndLt William A. Pruitt                       0-751032

                                     Navigator/Bombardier            2ndLt Martin B. Fisk                           0-743579

                                     Bombardier/Navigator             2ndLt Jose J. Morales                          0-674794

                                     Flight Engineer                        2ndLt Max S. Kendzur                        0-862164

                                     Radar Operator                        Cpl Richard P. Leckliter                      17100531

                                     Radio Operator                        Sgt Lewis C. Landauer                         35581525

                                     Senior Gunner                         Sgt Jesse J. Cotton                               37657756

                                     Left Waist Gunner                   Sgt John F. Montero                            39835954

                                     Right Waist Gunner                 Sgt Harry V. Crawford                         37353914

                                     Tail Gunner                             SSgt John A. Eudy                               37069847

                                     Passenger                                 MSgt Alex (NMI) Baran                      11032982

The next-of-kin were listed as:

                                                Stockett           W.T. Stockett, F, Bethany, OK

                                                                         Jean W. Stockett, W, 506 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX

                                                Pruitt                Betty L. Pruitt, W, 1017 Chestnut, Muskogee, OK

                                                Fisk                 Harvey F. Fisk, F, 4300 Zenith South, Minneapolis, Minn.

                                                Morales            Hijinio E. Morales, F, 318 E. El Paso St, Marfa, TX

                                                Kendzur          Samuel Kendzur, F, 104 Whitney St., Hartford, Conn.

                                                Eudy                Polk M. Eudy, F, Rte 2, Center Point, AR

                                                Landauer         Albert C. Landauer, F, RR 1, Red Key, IN

                                                Montero          Ramon Montero, F, Winnemucca, NV

                                                Cotton             Emaline B. Cotton, W, 6511 6th Ave., Des Moines, IA

                                                Crawford         Esther A. Crawford, 2323 Pine St., Pueblo, CO

                                                Leckliter          Elsie M. Leckliter, M, 2323 Pine St, Pueblo, CO

                                                Baran               Vera Baran, W, 47 Spring Valley Rd, Beacon, New York