On 7 December 1944, a B-29, # 42-6262, named “Round Trip Ticket,” assigned to 20th Air Force, Duchkundi, India, 444th Bomb Group, 678th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Kwanghan, China, on a combat mission, to Mukden, Manchuria. It was last sighted at 0330 Zulu at about 38º North, 118º East. The crew, all killed in action, were:


                                        Pilot                             Major Carl R. Barnes                           0-395107

                                        Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Craig N. Blood                          0-759172

                                        Navigator                    2ndLt William V. McCarthy Jr.            0-735899

                                        Bombardier                  2ndLt LaVern H. Becker                     0-703169

                                        Flight Engineer            2ndLt James B. Conner                        0-863481

                                        Radio Oper-Gunner     SSgt Sylvester B. Buzanonski              16048338

                                        Radar Operator            Sgt Gordon M. Naitzal                         16156613

                                        CFC Gunner                Cpl Roger Bach                                    36881536

                                        Right Gunner               Cpl Charles H. Taurston                      34792418

                                        Left Gunner                 Cpl Delbert E. Winch                          34715040

                                        Tail Gunner                 Cpl Edwin W. Comstock Jr.                39552476


Last contact was made by SSgt John E. Plis, 12208770, and TSgt Paul W. Salk, 36239575.

SSgt Plis, tail gunner, reported that at about 0330 Zulu, he noticed B-29 42-6262, at the 5 o’clock position from his B-29, 42-6584, start to drop back from formation as they crossed the coast of China. About ten minutes later, it dropped from sight. TSgt Salk reported that at about 0315 Zulu, as they approached the coast of China, he saw B-29 42-6262 in formation. It was in back of 42-6584 on its right. He noticed it dropped back and then disappeared. 42-6262 bombed the target with the formation. He saw one “Nick” enemy fighter make a pass on 42-6262 after bombs were dropped.


Next-of-kin were listed as:


                                         Barnes             Mrs Helen S Barnes, W, Rte # 1, Box 66, Clark Ave, Los Altos, CA

                                         Blood               Mrs Marion F. Blood, W, 909 45th St, Sacramento, CA

                                         McCarthy         Mr William V McCarthy, F, 179 Beverly Rd, Syracuse, NY

                                         Becker             Mrs Catherine J Becker, W, 95 S. Washington St, Oxford, Mich.

                                         Conner             Mrs Mildred L Conner, W, c/o Mr Charles W Hau, Tower Hill, IL

                                         Buzanonski      Mrs Marion Buzanonski, M, 536 5th St, Menasha. Wisc.

                                         Neitzol            Mr Adolph Neitzol, F, 1306 Wolff St, Racine, Wisc.

                                        Winch              Mrs Leola E Gibson, M, 3721 W. Villard Ave, Milwaukee, Wisc.

                                         Bach                Mrs Linda Bach, M, 8862 Homer St, Detroit, Mich.

                                         Thurston          Mrs Tommie C Thurston, W, 404 Back Bay Blvd, Wichita, KS

                                         Comstock        Mrs Ellie Mae Comstock, M, 523 W. Sahael St, Compton, CA