Sgt Wherle was last seen going to his escape hatch. No one saw him again. Capt Mills was last seen by 2ndLt Peterson at the controls then Peterson bailed out. The jumps and crash were over hilly terrain. No one who escaped capture saw Capt. Mills, Sgt Walker or Sgt Wherle again. Eight crewmen parachuted safely and got together near Chenchien. Six in one group and two together. They assembled after about a month at Lahokow, a 14th Air Force outpose and airfield.

Next-of-kin were listed as:

                                               Mills                Mr Louis K Mills, F, 1715 College, Conway, AR

                                               Moe                 Mrs Alice V Moe, W, 340 W. Beloit, Salina, KS

                                               Scandrett         Mrs Anna Strom, M, 2676 Assiniboine Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

                                               Rollins             Mrs J M Carden, M, 1811 Fremont Plc, Knoxville, TN

                                               Peterson          Mrs Evelyn R Peterson, W, 2912 Newtown Ave, Log Island, NY

                                               Goodfriend      Mr Joe Goodfriend, F, 346 N. Avalo, Memphis, TN

                                               Lehman           Mrs Mae C Lehman, M, 402 Post Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ

                                               Moyer              Mrs Mary E Moyer, M, Harleysville, PA

                                               Ridgway           Mrs Delphia R Ridgway, W, 813 2nd St, Alva, OK

                                               Walker             Mrs Geraldine A Walker, W, 616 Sheaf, Salina, KS

                                               Wehrle             Mrs Harriet Wehrle, W, 2201 Humbert St, Alton, IL

The radio contacts with the B-29s: 

Plane #            Radio Operator            GMT               Traffic

42-6265           Shoaf                           0215Z             Engine trouble

42-6370           Glibbon                       0215Z             Bombs dropped on last resort target Chengsien railroad yards

42-3356           Arnell                          0215Z             After bombs dropped, engine trouble

42-6265           Shoaf                           0217Z             Enemy fighter attack by 7-12 fighters

42-6370           Glibbon                       0218Z             Enemy fighter attack

42-6409           Whorton                      0220Z             Enemy fighter attack

42-6284                                               0225Z             Send fighters

42-3356           Arnell                          0225Z             Enemy fighter attack; SOS send our fighters


1stLt Scandrett reported the B-29 crashed into a mountain and blew up about 25 nautical miles southwest of railroad bridge over the Yellow River, between Loyang and Kaifeng.

MILLS, ROBERT T., Captain, # 0-1699063, USAAF


Robert T. Mills was born on 4 May 1918 in Arkansas to King Louis Mills (1883-1968) and Nettie (Treece) Mills (1887-1959) (married 30 June 1912). Siblings included C. Maxine (Mills) Winn (1913-2005), P. Alphia (Mills) Hughes (1914-2006), King Louis Mills Jr. (1916-2001), and Virgil Lawrence Mills (1920-1996).